Healthy Hair 101: Hair Rituals that Strengthen and Shine

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Do you ever wonder if those women in shampoo commercials with a long, shining curtain of hair are for real? With the toxins, pollution, hard water, and sun damage of everyday life, how can their hair be so luxurious and healthy without wearing a shower cap outdoors every day? Most likely they are integrating one or more of the following hair care tips into their everyday lives to create and maintain beautiful, healthy hair.

Some of the healthiest hair in the world comes out of India, where women don’t use harsh chemicals or products to colour, treat, or style their hair. The most expensive, classy hair extensions in the world are made from virgin Indian hair. Women in India massage oil into their hair and scalps as part of their consistent beauty regimen, and they don’t use any hair colouring products besides natural dyes like henna. Indian women use a variety of oils to benefit their hair, including castor oil, Brahmi, amla, mustard oil, and tea oil. Almond oil and coconut oil are also great options and more readily available in the U.S.

healthy hair tips

Healthy hair has a good dose of natural oils to strengthen, moisturize, and help it shine. If you wash your hair every day, consider washing every other day or every few days instead. This will keep your tresses looking beautiful and shiny. If you’re not able to decrease the amount of washes, be sure to use a gentle shampoo that won’t strip your hair of its natural oils. This will at least help keep your hair in its best condition possible. Stripped hair is dry hair, which causes breakage. Breakage can cause the short little hairs that stick out near your head after longer pieces have broken off, so in order for this not to happen, follow the tips that were just mentioned and there are always more tips to be learned.

Another tip is to purchase a good, deep conditioner to use once a week or every few weeks. Don’t use it every day – using a deep conditioner every day can cause your hair to lie flat and limp as well as giving it the appearance of being too oily. Once a week or every two weeks should be consistent enough to infuse your hair with needed moisture to enhance shine and prevent breakage.

Begin adding some healthy hair practices into your beauty routine to achieve the kind of hair you’ve only seen on TV. It is possible, but it takes consistent care and investment – an investment that will pay off each time you touch your hair!

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