Health And Safety Tips For The Elderly

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The world is a dangerous enough place for those who can look after themselves quite well, but what about the people who struggle to look after themselves? Most people worry about the elderly going out and about on their own, but what about when they are in their homes on their own? The house can be an equally as dangerous place as the outside world for the elderly. This is because it consists of very dangerous tasks and equipment which the elderly use on a regular basis. To make things a little safer for the elderly when they are in their homes, there are some independent living products which they can get installed to their homes.

Health And Safety Tips

Grab Bars

To give the elderly a little bit of extra support in their home, you can get grab bars installed all around the home. The place in the home which you will find grab bars are most needed is on the staircase, corridors, kitchen and bathroom. Grab bars are very easy to install, but it is important that they are installed properly. If they are not attached to the wall properly and you find that someone comes to use them in an emergency, it will have to support the whole of someone’s body weight. If it comes unattached to the wall then this can lead to a serious injury happening.

Trolley Walker

A trolley walker is an essential thing for any elderly person to have in the home, if they are quite unstable on their feet then the trolley walker will allow them to walk more confidently around the home, reducing the risk of any accidents happening. You can get a trolley walker which will also have a tray place where they can place stuff on and move around the home. Instead of struggling trying to carry things by hand they can simply place it on their trolley and walk to their next destination.

Stair Lift

The stairs can be such a dangerous place for the elderly to walk up and down, especially when they are not that stable on their feet. You can get a stair lift installed so that they can move up and down the stairs with ease without any risk of them tripping or losing balance.


To make things easier in the bathroom there are various things which you can get installed to make it a safer place. A shower seat will allow an elderly person to sit down with ease whilst in the shower; this can be extremely useful if they cannot stand on their feet for long periods of time. A shower screen can also provide extra support for those who get unbalanced easily, as they can lean against the shower screen.

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