Hats Off To Wigs – The New And Exciting Fashion Craze

  • Sumo

Not surprisingly, wigs are starting to make a huge comeback on the fashion scene. In an instant a woman donning a pixie cut can have long, flowing blonde curls. Those with kinky, curly hair can have pin straight, silky smooth hair. Wigs are even easier to use than any type of hair extension, and can be far less expensive and require less upkeep as well. With the rise of the wig in the UK’s fashion scene, it’s unsurprising that wig companies are doing rather well.

What to Look For When You Buy Wigs
There are a few details that you really need to pay attention to when looking to buy wigs, such as:


Your Face

The shape of your face and the colour of your skin both play a huge role in which wig you should buy and which you should pass up on. For instance, some haircuts featured on certain wigs won’t work well with a heart shaped face, while that same hair cut may work well with anyone that has a round or oval face shape. As a general rule, anyone with a round or wide face should choose a wig style that will help elongate the face, and those who want to draw attention away from their jawline should choose styles that draw the eye upward. And those with oval shaped faces, well, you’re the lucky few who can choose from almost any style.


When choosing a wig, a good rule of thumb is to choose a wig that has a texture that’s close to your own hair. For instance, if you naturally have kinky hair, then wearing a stick straight, glossy-looking wig will likely come off as looking fake and unnatural.
Lace wigs are the best texture for anyone who wants to give themselves the most natural look possible. They tend to work well for almost any hair type, and you can find inexpensive, cheap lace wigs that look natural in most reputable wig shops.

Style & Fit

Your goal should always be to choose a wig and a style that will make people think that the wig is actually your hair. The great thing about wigs is that they come in a number of different styles – you just have to choose the styles that are right for you. A number of wigs are made with the intention of you creating your own styles and having them custom-cut to your liking, and then curling them or straightening them so you can create any hairdo you desire. But style isn’t the only consideration that you should make – you also have to consider the fit. When buying lace wigs, make sure that you do the “head-shake” test. The wig should stay firmly in place and not shift or move if it’s secure.  There are some great specialist wig stores online – like this one based in the UK called buywigs.co.uk. Websites are a good place to window shop throught he photos and see what wig you fancy.

Of course, no everyone is wearing a wig because they like how they look or fancy a less than permanent change to their hairstyle. If you have suffered from hair loss and need advice about wigs, then i recommend reading this pdf by the NHS called Wigs and Hairpieces.