Hairstyles You Should Try

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In many ways, your hairstyle defines you as a person. It’s an opportunity for expression of person style, and a way to distinguish yourself. Hairstyles are as unique as the people that wear them. They might be a new take on an old classic, or something more avant-garde. For both women and men, countless options are available when choosing a hairstyle.

Hairstyle Options for Women to Consider

When you think of women’s hairdos, of course there are the classics: the bob, the bun, the pixie and the ponytail. These days, though, modern girls love modern looks. If you’re thinking about a change, consider the following hairstyle options.

The Beachy Wave

This hairstyle is characterized by loose and unstructured waves that offer an “out of the surf” appearance. It’s a summer feel-good look, straight from the beach. Of course, you’ve seen this on the red carpet from celebrities like Kate Hudson, Cameron Diaz, and Jessica Biel. The beachy wave offers women a new way to wear textured tresses.

Girl and hair

The secret to capturing the beachy wave style is a sea salt spray combined with a strong diffuser. Pull out a flat iron and in just a few minutes, you can achieve this adventurous summer look. It does help to have your hair layered in just the right way to get that added curl. If you don’t have that option, you can use a round brush to add delicate movement to your ends.

The Plait

No matter if it’s a halo, fishtail, or classic crossover, new ideas on plaits remain a popular choice. This is because they are easy, attractive and, most importantly, a commitment-free change to your hairstyle. Kristen Stewart, Rachel McAdams and Blake Lively are all big fans. They can add an extra spark to any woman’s style and evolve plain twists and ponytails into added dimensions.

Plaits are not only functional, but they lend themselves to artistic vision. Braiding can be both quick and elegant. Equally comfortable on fashion runways and in the office, this style will always be a classic. However, versatility and innovation keep it fresh and up-to-date. French, boho, loose, crown, fishtail, bun, pigtail, side to side, milkbraid and mega: the list of plait variations seem to be endless. Back once again in 2014, many designers have recently styled old world braids and ornate ponytails on their runway models.

From the Runway

The hottest trends for women from this year’s fashion runway were mixed textures and windswept updos, which completely dominated spring shows. With hair slicked straight back or parted down, models gave the grunge look a modern twist. It’s a clean, flat and crisp look, but be sure to eliminate flyaways with a generous blast of finishing spray.

Appealing to a different audience, some designers used updos to combine loose tangles and disheveled locks. They were then pushed into twists, offering a much gentler look than that of the textured hairstyle.

Men’s Hairstyles

When discussing hairstyles, the options available to men should not be ignored. While most men’s hairstyles revolve around a short, tidy cut, there are still plenty of possibilities for a guy that wants to stand out. The classic matte part has recently made a strong comeback. It’s a great style across the board, because it can look good on a variety of hair lengths. Sleek or voluminous, medium or short, a great modern look has once again taken hold. For the more adventurous, sporting a long and messy length on top can offer some interesting styling options such as an 80’s blow back, the old-school slick back or simply loose and casual.

In the end, a hairstyle represents freedom of choice. What appeals to the individual can often be startling or stare-worthy to the population and vice-versa. The beauty lies in your ability to make this personal decision for yourself – and if you make a mistake, it will always grow back.

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