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Aside from boots and biker jewelry, a stylish hairstyle plays a significant role in making a biker look exceptionally chic and fashionable. Leather motorcycle jackets are undoubtedly the most prized leather apparel items all over the world. Regardless of whether you reside in a South African suburb, Shanghai or New Delhi, you are bound to encounter certain bikers or passersby who are wearing motorcycle jackets. In fact, black biker jackets can be regarded as one of the defining features of fast-paced urban life!

Irrespective of your gender identity, a trendy hairstyle that complements your personality will add that ravishing edge to your biker jacket as well! Highlighted below are some of the fashionable hairstyles that will look gorgeous with your leather jacket.

1)      Ponytails

This style looks equally intriguing on male and female bikers. Regardless of whether you have blonde or dark-colored hair, if you have medium or shoulder-length hair, you can easily pull your hair back and gather it into a cute little ponytail.

Ponytails look exceptionally attractive on both men and women. From a rider’s perspective, a ponytail will prevent your hair from obstructing your field of vision and can easily be tucked under a helmet as well! A tight ponytail will look incredibly coolwith a black motorcycle jacket whereas loose ponytails- usually worn by females- will add that soft, feminine touch to your bright red leather jacket.

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2)      Bangs

This timeless hairstyle has always been a personal favorite amongst various top-notch designers, celebrities and models. You’ll be amazed to know that bangs not only look dashing on ZacEfron and Reese Witherspoon but can make any individual look cool, sophisticated and charming at the same time.

Bangs that have a dramatic fringe will add that bold, individualistic aura to your black or brown colored leather jacket. Angular and side-swept bangs will look breathtakingly pretty on any female who is not a rider but still likes to wear a well-stitched, nicely-fitted, lustrous leather jacket. Moreover, men who like to display a tough, gothic demeanor should opt for side-swept bangs since these will look unbelievably handsome with dark-colored leather motorcycle jackets.

3)      Bob Hairstyle

Worn predominantly by women, this hairstyle has a timeless appeal and is in vogue amongst young and middle aged women alike. Worn with a distinct middle parting, this hairstyle will look immensely sassy with the brilliantly colored womens motorcycle jackets.


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