Gifts for Fashionistas That Won’t Break the Bank

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Every crowd has one – that girl or woman who always looks totally put together. You may envy her, but she’s also one of your BFFs and you want to get her a gift she will appreciate. Any one of these gifts will appeal to her sense of fashion, without putting a designer label dent in your holiday shopping budget.

gifts for fashionistas

Cross-Body Handbags

No doubt your fashionista friend is a power shopper.  The last thing she needs is to have to worry about keeping her handbag perched on her shoulder – or prevent it from being snatched off her arm by a thief. A cross-body handbag allows your fashionista friend to keep her credit cards, makeup and other essential gear handy without having to carry it.  You can go luxe with leather or rugged and durable with canvas – either way your fashionista friend will thank you.

Fashion Forward Hair Accessories

Even the most put together lady sometimes has bad hair days. But your fashionista friend wouldn’t be caught dead pulling her hair back with an ordinary scrumchie or clip. Assemble a collection of sparkly and colorful headbands, barrettes and other hair accessories to let your friend look great even when her hair refuses to cooperate with her. If your friend has long hair, include a set of glittery accessories to allow her pull her hair up and out of the way. If your friend is rocking a short hairdo, include a few barrettes or clips to add a glam touch to her short locks.

Mix and Match Cosmetic Colors

Every woman has her go-to shades and fragrances. But a fashionista never rests on her laurels. Assemble a fun set of lipsticks, blushes, eye shadows and nail colors to let her mix, match and experiment with different looks. This gift can be as much fun for you to put together as it is for your BFF to experiment with.

Makeup Artist Session

No self-respecting fashionista would settle for makeup advice from a department store counter worker. Book a session for your BFF with a bona fide makeup artist. The makeup artist can recommend colors and give expert advice on shading as well as creating different looks for day, evening and extra special occasions.

Cashmere Accessories

Nearly every fashionista loves the indulgent feeling of cashmere. But cashmere sweaters and coats can be pricey. Why not give your BFF a cashmere scarf, hat or gloves. If you’re feeling especially generous, you can spring for an entire cashmere outerwear accessory set to make her feel really pampered.

Department Store Gift Certificates

If you’re really stuck about gift ideas for your fashionista friend, a gift certificate to her favorite store is a no-fail backup plan. You can buy a physical gift certificate and present it to her in a pretty envelope, or if you’re a last-minute shopper, you can order the gift certificate online and have it delivered to your friend’s email in-box.  Either way, you’ll be sure that your gift will be exactly what your fashionista friend wants – because she will be making the purchase herself.

Jack Harding is a blogger who lives in a family of women where fashion is an obsession. Instead of complaining he makes use of their “hobby” for his articles. Click here to learn more and find more gift ideas.