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Since the early 1970’s, t-shirts have been adorned with our favourite music band, TV programme or even saying.

The trend of having a t-shirt with such decoration is going strong; however, there is a growing trend for retro t-shirts that have our favourite games on them.

This article will look at some game inspired t-shirts.


In the 1980’s Atari was the number one name in the home gaming business they brought us games such as Missile Command and Space invaders.

Official licensed t-shirts have the Atari Logo emblazoned on the front.game t-shirts


This popular game was released in Japan on the 22 May 1980 and is still considered as popular in 20012 as it was in the 80’s.

More common amongst woman and kids ranges of t-shirts were designed that had Pac-man or the Ghosts from the game emblazoned on them.

Mega Man

Also known as, Rockman is a video game franchise from game makers Capcom.  Mega Man was released in 1987 and is reported to have sold approximately twenty-nine million games worldwide.

T-shirts with Mega Man Jumping in the air, with the words Rock On above him are popular with fans of this game franchise.

Old School Joystick

Before technology could give us a joystick that could simulate the vibrations of being shot, or the movement of an aircraft, or give us multiple buttons to fire different weapons, we had what was called, a joy pad this consisted of a base with a stick for movement and a single button.

The Joy pad is what many gamers refer to as old school and has inspired its own range of t-shirts that have the old skool joy pad on them.

game inspired t-shirts

Mafia Wars

This is a new game that can be played on Facebook and is one of the most popular games on Facebook.  If you have ever received an invite to play this game and ignored it I would recommend you try it.

Zynga the games owners have cashed in on this hugely popular free to play game by releasing a range of t-shirts for fans.


The X-box is one of the most popular gaming consoles on the market today and has a very big following.

Just as popular as the consoles a range of t-shirts has been released that simply has the green x and the word Xbox underneath it.

Angry Birds

This highly addictive game has spawned various different forms of merchandise from cuddly toy to t-shirts.

The t-shirts that have been designed, with either the angry birds themselves or the green pigs that the birds attack in the game on them.

Andrew Phillips is mad about gaming and loves collecting merchandise based on his favourite games especially if they are Funny T-Shirts.

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