Formal Wear Rental: Know Your Tuxedo

  • Sumo

Wearing tuxedos for formal occasions can be a great idea, but you also need to have a good idea of a tuxedo outfit to choose the right items for you. Normally, when you need to wear a tuxedo or other formal wear at a special occasion, you will rent rather than buy a tuxedo. There are many formal wear stores that will rent tuxedos at affordable prices.  At Skeffington’s Formal Wear, for example, you can rent a wide variety of attractive tuxedos. No matter what occasion you will be attending to, we have the perfect formal wear to offer at our store.


However, before you go rent or even buy a tuxedo, you must understand your tuxedo well. A tuxedo is a total outfit that features trousers, a jacket, a cummerbund, and a bow tie. The trousers come with a braid or a black satin stripe alongside the seams. An important thing to know about tuxedo trousers is that they do not have belt loops, which means that they want perfect tailoring to fit your waist. Alternatively, you can wear them with white or black button-in suspenders. You should never cuff the trousers either.

As for jacket, a standard tuxedo jacket will feature boutonniere hole and satin lapels. One can also choose to wear a cutaway jacket which is generally worn during day parties with a standard tuxedo or a morning suit. The cutaway jackets are split in the back and are short in front. You can get a variety of styles in tuxedo jackets. Some of them are classic models while others look more savvy or trendy. So, choose your jacket keeping in mind the mood and the atmosphere of the occasion you need the tuxedo for. The most popular style in tuxedo jackets is the single-breasted tuxedo jacket fitted with notch lapels. However, you can also opt to go for double, or triple breasted jackets with notch or peak lapels. Skeffington’s Formal Wear offers a large variety of formal tux rentals.

As for the accessories, tuxedos are traditionally worn with a cummerbund or vest or a bow tie. A vest is a sash with a pleated style and it is meant to be worn around the waist. The vest color should always match that of the bow tie. You may also accessorize your tuxedo with a stud set and a hat.

As to shirts and shoes, three types of shirts are worn with a tuxedo. These are mandarin collar, turndown collar, and wing collar shirts. If you are wearing a wing collar, it is mandatory that you couple it with a cummerbund and a bow tie. You should only wear freshly polished patent leather shoes with a tuxedo. Simple capped or plain toe shoes are considered ideal for formal occasions.

All these formal wear and formal wear accessories you can rent from our store Skeffington’s Formal Wear. We have traditional tuxedos that come in white or black. However, we also offer tuxedos in a variety of other colors such as silver, gray, or ivory tuxedos. You will, of course, find greater varieties in colors and styles when it comes to trendy and stylish formal wear and tuxedos.