Five Ways to Have a Frugal but Fun Halloween

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Fabulous costumes, free-flowing treats, fantastic décor…there are certainly lots of F’s to be expected come Halloween except maybe “frugal”. This occasion, as they say, has become a greeting-card one targeted not just for kids. For adults who like to let their hair hang loose, it’s also an event to party, dress up in silly or sexy clothes, and spend, spend, spend on frivolous things (another F!).

However, there are ways to have fun on Halloween without it costing a pretty (scary) penny. These five tips are designed to keep you within budget, but not to lessen any of the amusement and enjoyment the season of scares is expected to bring.

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Hold a pre-Halloween costume swap meet.

Chain-store costumes are increasingly becoming cliché, tacky, and downright expensive.

If your friends ever admired a Halloween costume you’ve worn in the past and you’ve admired some of theirs, why not trade for this Halloween? The spook/sexy/sassy/screamingly funny appeal will no doubt work for someone else this year, and being handed a ready-to-wear costume is also a treat. Just make sure the fit is right so it will be comfortable, otherwise consider altering it before the trick or treating or partying begins.


Take advantage of pre-Halloween coupons and bulk discounts.

Of course, you can’t forgo the treats to dole out to trick-or-treaters. However, fun-sized candy can make you go “boo” (and not because you’re a pretend-ghost scaring the kids away) due to their price. With this in mind, be prepared to scour magazines, newspapers, and online for coupons you can use for Halloween treats a couple of weeks before Halloween. Many coupon companies offer big discounts on bulk purchases, and the savings really make a huge difference compared to last-minute candy buying.

Recycle Halloween décor.

The great thing about this occasion is that witches, ghouls, devils, and black cats will never go out of style. Go up to the attic and dust off those old Halloween décor, and deck out your home with them once more. You can add new festive touches and a brand new carved pumpkin (goodness knows you can’t recycle that!) as an added festive touch, but never throw away what can be used again the following year.

Stay at home and watch a horror movie marathon.

Some might argue that this is a loserly thing to do on the night that everyone else is out and about. Sure, Halloween is for partying, but if you’re the type who can’t be bothered to spend money on gas, get dressed in a costly costume, eat sugar-laden stuff, booze up, and drag yourself back home the following day, then a horror movie marathon might just be your cup of tea. You can invite like-minded friends over, and hold a Halloween potluck while you enjoy your onscreen gore fest.

Get cut-rate pumpkins for soup post-Halloween.

Many people enjoy the sight of a pumpkin patch a few days before Halloween. Millions of pumpkins are grown and sold all over the country just for this one occasion, and after being carved and lit for Halloween, they need to be thrown away before they spoil. Talk with a pumpkin patch owner just before midnight about buying maybe a dozen pumpkins at a cut-rate price. Then invite friends over to puree them into soup, which you can feast over yourselves, or can and distribute them to homeless people.

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