Find The Best Backpack For Your Holiday: Mix Practicality With Style

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Are you going on a hiking holiday? Find the best backpacks for women, a practical solution to enjoy your trip in comfort and style

Backpacks for women are a great idea if you are planning a holiday in which you are going to hike mountains, or even simply if you are thinking of moving around a lot during your trip and you would like something more practical than a regular suitcase or duffel bag. Luckily, backpacks now are used by many people so it will not be difficult to find stylish backpacks for women in dozens of models and colors offered by different brands.

However, while such a great range from which to choose can be a good thing, it also has a negative side. In fact, the widening of the choices means that it is much easier to make a mistake and choose a product that is not suitable, and the variables are many. Too small – nothing will fit into it; too large – you will be carrying extra weight for nothing; wrong material – a light rain will soak your belongings… You get the drill. Yet how to choose the best backpack to suit your needs?

Mix Practicality With Style

The first thing you need to think about is what you are primarily going to use it for and how much you are willing to spend as the money factor is definitely an important one to consider. Are you planning to use the backpack in the place of a suitcase for a trip around a country or are you going camping on the mountains? Are you a hiking aficionado or is this your first time? What is the weather like in the country you are going to? These are all questions you should have an answer to before starting to search for the perfect backpack for women.

So what qualities should a good backpack for women have?

Water resistant material. You might not be planning on travelling to a monsoon prone area of the world, but chances are you will find some rainy days on your holiday wherever you go. Because of that, one of the main features of a good backpack for women is a water resistant material. As backpacks often come equipped with a tarp you can put over them if you encounter a strong downpour, the material doesn’t have to be 100% waterproof but at the same time it should withstand drizzle without allowing your belongings to get wet. Also, make sure that the material is lightweight (something very important when it comes to a backpack) and that it dries quickly when wet.

Multiple compartments. Do you know the feeling of looking for your car keys (or anything, really) in a large handbag and the frustration of not finding them? Well, multiply that tenfold and you get what happens when you search for something in a backpack with no compartments. A good product should in fact feature multiple pockets, in addition to the main one, in which you can place the smaller things you want to take with you and access them easily and quickly.

Internal frame. Especially if you are looking at a backpack to go hiking with, you will find yourself deciding whether to go for an inside frame or an outside one. A frame is important in that it keeps your backpack upright and prevents the contents from sticking out at odd angles. The best idea is to go for an internal frame, however as this will not get caught in anything during your trip. Also, while external frames are made with metal poles, internal frames are usually made in tough plastic or carbon fiber which means that they are lighter and more comfortable to carry.

Padded hip belt, shoulder straps, and back. Professional backpacks for travelers and hikers all come with a hip belt in addition to shoulder straps as your hips is the spot where most of the weight rests as well as the shoulders. For added comfort, look for a backpack where these straps are padded. In fact, especially if you are carrying lots of weight, the straps might cut into your skin in the long run, making the act of carrying your backpack not only uncomfortable but even painful. A contoured and padded back, moreover, will add to the comfort as it will push your back into its natural arch rather than in a strained positions and will help avoid back pains after a day of walking.