Feeling Your Age? Celebrate Wear and Tear with Shabby Chic

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The wonderful thing about shabby chic is that it celebrates the natural charm that comes with wear and tear.  There is something very appealing about furniture and home accessories that have an aged appearance.  There are many great places online to explore if you want to find a shabby chic style.

Why is Shabby so Chic these Days?

Shabby chic is all about obtaining a classic, lived-in style.  This provides informal and inviting spaces that are comfortable yet very stylish.  Just because something is shabby doesn’t mean it is chic thought!

The shabby chic style is not about things that are old and worn out.  Instead this type of style is about taking new furniture and fabrics and giving them an aged appearance.  So for example ticking stripe linen is a popular fabric in shabby chic decoration.  The linen is aged with special washing and bleaching techniques.  This makes it appear faded but the fabric will still be in as-new condition.  It is this delicate blend of new properties and aged looks that defines shabby chic.

Shabby Chic Style Online

celebrate wear it pink day

The balance between the ‘shabby’ and ‘chic’ can be difficult to achieve.  This is why it is a good idea to shop online for this type of home furniture and accessories.  Online shopping makes it easy for you to find beautiful shabby chic items and these products make wonderful additions to your home interiors or fantastic gifts for the stylish friends in your life.

The great thing about a shabby chic style is that it can suit almost any interior design.  The combination of old and new means that shabby chic furniture can fit into both traditional and modern home designs.  Whether you have a period rustic cottage or an ultra-modern new suburban family home, shabby chic can introduce a soft, inviting and romantic touch.

Creating Shabby Chic Effects

Many people enjoy creating shabby chic furniture at home.  There are some great techniques that enable you to distress modern furniture and create that informal shabby chic style.  Personally I would be a bit nervous about working on furniture myself.

Distressing wood furniture involves rubbing or sanding away the polish and top coats and revealing the bare wood beneath.  This then needs to be treated with a coat of glaze or paint.  It takes a lot of skill to use this technique to create a romantic aged appearance and I would be worried about ruining the item.  Instead I stick to buying my shabby chic ready-made and in beautiful condition online.

The Orchard home and gifts can help you bring stunning shabby chic designs to your interiors.  It is easy to buy beautifully aged furniture and decorative items online and give your home some serious style.

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