Fashion Trend for Working Women in 2018

  • Sumo

What comes to your mind with the very mention of ‘clothing for working women’? When we think of a corporate honcho, the first thing that comes to our mind is a crisp corporate suite. At managerial level or posts that come after that, expect to see them in formal shirts and trousers or Kurtas of varied length paired with leggings, palazzos, skirts or patialas salwars. One Indian attire that is gradually getting vanished out of the board rooms and office premises are sarees.

 Every day, we see so many working women on the street. The higher the post, the more westernized their attire gets. Traditional Indian dresses seem to have taken a back seat with a special exception for Kurtas that have still managed to hang in. Kurtas come across as a fussion attire that is considered somewhere between a kameez from the traditional salwar suit and a westernized top or a casual shirt. They can be paired with jeans and jeggings. Probably, that is the reason it is still accepted as an office wear.

Fashion Trend for Working Women in 2018

Reviving Sarees As Popular Workwear

Saree is the most elegant of all formal wear. It exuded grace and elegance in the best possible manner. Hence, any woman in a position that commands a lot of respect is always seen wearing a saree. For example Bank CEOs, Academic Heads, Teachers, Doctors, Lawyers, women holding high ranks in the administrative sector or hospitality sector and other such ranks of honor.

For some unknown reason, sarees have been blacklisted from most of the board rooms and office premises except for some ethnic theme parties. Wear a saree and you are sure to answer a lot of people asking you – ‘anything special today?’ However, there are many such organizations such as schools and other academic institutions; hospitals, government sector organizations and NGOs where women are seen carrying sarees with a lot of grace.

The Upcoming Trends And Exciting Offers In Sarees

The latest trend in the workwear fashion is to bring back sarees in a way that it becomes the go to attire for women in every profession irrespective of their rank. Expect to see a lot of smart and stylish drapes that are lightweight and easy to carry. Crisp cotton sarees, crape, georgette and light weight silk, tussar and chanderies with contemporary prints and minimal embroidery work are set to lure the new age working women.

Irresistible colors complimenting the fabric texture right from pastel shared to bold colors are here to rule the roost for this season. These along with some incredibly exciting offers on sarees available at online fashion portals are sure to turn sarees to be the next most ordered items on these fashion websites.

Taking The Fuss Out Of Sarees

Sarees are pushed back every time simply because of the fact that women these days consider saree to be a dainty and occasional wear. They think that saree will restrict their free movement. It is a big hassle to keep the pleats and the pallus in place in the rush of travelling to and from work and carrying it all day long. Keeping these factors in mind a lot of semi-stiched sarees are also being designed.

A lot of innovations are taking place in the way sarees are draped and carried in order to make it more relevant as a contemporary work wear. All these trends can be best viewed online on the popular fashion portals and local saree supplier in India that give equal emphasis to make traditional Indian wear as desirable as western or fusion outfits and also make them available at attractive price points.