Fashion Tips: Making The Most Of Your Curly Hair

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Most women who don’t have it want it, and most women who do often wish for nice, easy, straight hair. Curly hair is certainly the most ‘high maintenance’ hair type, but when you get it right it can look stunning. This post is for you girls with gorgeous curly hair and not sure what to do with it.

Not Quite Curly

On the one hand wavy hair is not quite curly and not quite straight, but that can make it the most versatile hair type of all. If your hair is almost curly and you find yourself wishing you had nice ringlets the process is simple:

You need to wash or wet your hair and whilst damp bundle up your hair into a few sections, scrunch each one into a ball and clip it all up for a while. It doesn’t have to be neat, just keep it up whilst it dries.

When it is all nice and dry, take out the clips and shake it out. Don’t use a brush and be careful not to pull the curls out, just carefully separate and untangle any knots. The result should be a greatly enhanced waviness and perhaps a few curls.

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Curly Hair Cuts

Curly hair is tricky to style, but it is also tricky to cut. In reality, every type of hair is different to cut and style, but curly hair is a particularly tricky animal. Most women assume that any decent stylist can do the job just fine, but that may not be true.

Ask around and try to find a stylist who specifically has experience working with curly hair. If you can find a specialist you will probably notice the difference. Just go to a good salon near you and ask which of their stylists is best in curly hair, see what they say.

More generally, for curly hair it is always easiest to cut when wet, so paying for a wash and cut is well worth the cost if you can afford it. Also, if you want layers, don’t have them too short, as that can result in a little too much volume and a bit of an Afro effect. Instead make sure you grow your hair nice and long first (or just use hair extensions to get the same effect).

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Now Just Look After It!

For your curly hair to look its best you need to look after it. In fact, keeping it in tip top condition will do a lot to make your life easier on a day to day basis. Damaged hair is unmanageable, healthy hair pretty much styles itself.

The fastest way to improve the condition of your hair is by using better products on it and not tiring it out too much. Use a good quality, alcohol free shampoo but only wash it every 2 or 3 days, (you can still condition it daily) this will prevent it from drying out or tangling.

If your hair tends to be dry, try conditioning before shampooing (and again immediately afterwards) and never brush it if you can avoid doing so.

This post was written by Ricki Peterson, thanks for reading!

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