Fashion & Styling Dos and Dont’s for Curvy Ladies

  • Sumo

No matter what size they are, most women want to look good in the clothes they wear. Wearing fashionable clothing and looking trendy makes me feel great about myself and I’m apt to think that this is important to a lot of other women out there. Curvy, plus-size women can wear most any fashion trend; however, there are a few tips to keep in mind when purchasing ladies plus size clothing.

ladies plus size clothing

Do Request Help

Ask a stylist to help you find the look that is best for you if you are a plus size woman. Many clothing stores employ tailors to help take in or let out areas that don’t fit quite perfectly. Lingerie stores have experienced staff that can properly fit you for the right size bra.

Always check to make sure that the clothing fits at the largest part of your body. You can employ a tailor to take in all the other areas.

Do be Trendy

Wearing the latest trends are perfectly fine for plus size women as long as the fit is right and you are dressing for your body type. If jackets are in style and they are your thing, make sure you choose the perfect fit. Make sure the jacket does not pull at the shoulder or bust.

 A three-button jacket is usually a good fit for any size. If you like skirts, A-line skirts are a great choice for most body types as they fit nicely at the hip and waist and then flow away from the body.

Do Layer

Adding a fitted tank underneath a blouse or tee-shirt can create a nice, clean line. Besides tanks, you can layer over camisoles or layer a jacket over a tee-shirt.

Do Emphasize

Be confident and emphasize your best feature. If “the girls” are your best feature, show them off with V-neck tops. If you have long legs, wear skirts and heels that flaunt what you’ve got. Figure out what your assets are body-wise and then dress accordingly so the world can see your best parts.

Don’t Forget Shape Wear

Shape wear can be a girl’s best friend no matter what size she is. Add an assortment of shape wear in tanks, slips and underwear to your wardrobe. Shape wear can smooth bulges, create clean lines and deemphasize trouble areas such as belly fat or muffin top.

Don’t go Big All Over

A lot of women are under the impression that if they wear super baggy clothing on top and on the bottom, they will camouflage what they perceive to be problem areas. Not so! Big, baggy clothing only emphasizes what you are trying to hide. Make sure you have a balance with the outfit you choose to wear. If you choose a long, flowing top, wear skinny jeans or leggings. If you are going for a pair of palazzo pants, wear a fitted top or jacket. Or add a belt to the top to emphasize the waist.

Don’t Wear Too-Tight Clothing

Like baggy clothing, tops and bottoms that are too tight will only detract from the look you are trying to pull off. Tight jeans emphasize problem areas in the rear or thighs, tight tops emphasize back fat and muffin top when your belly protrudes over your pants.

Make sure your clothing fits properly and that goes for undergarments too. A nicely fitted top will look ridiculous, in my opinion, when your bra is too small and you have bulges underneath or on top of the straps.