Fashion Dissertation Topics – History of Fashion and Use of Body, Sex and Presentation In Fashion Industry

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History of Fashion has biggest body of research to draw from in fashion dissertation writing.  Analyzing pictorial sources are useful for specific comparison between, different aspects changes in clothing, style and fashion, and those that remained same. Fashion dissertation services UK can offer rich and interesting area to research, with wide array of topics including exploring rare, obscure books on fashion industry. Remember that contemporary fashion has subtle and obvious links to trends through ages including jackets, shoes, and hat have remained unchanged in concept, function and shape for long time.

Body image is pivotal for understanding fashion world. Usually involving complex interplay between perception of others and self, understanding of image is associated with media and its powerful presentation is important for appreciating aesthetic images. Media played a key role in promoting body image over last 50 years. This area is interesting and challenging because it offers potential to use wide range of methods for research, like interview and ethnography.

Fashion Dissertation Topics

Here is a list of topic related to body, sex and presentation in Fashion Industry

  • Origins of trends of power dressing.
  • Gender depiction in women and men’s fashions since 50’s.
  • Adornment and Adoration: Critically analyzing the sense of body art and body piercing in west.
  • The places of fetish garments in contemporary fashion world
  • Religion and Fashion: An investigation into debates surrounding the acceptable dress.
  • Makeup and Hair: Does it really a need?
  • Cross-dressing since the time of Victorians.
  • Subversive and Reality: The use of models and mannequins since the time of Sixties.
  • The significance of presentations in fashion world: Lights, Catwalks, and cameras.
  • Gender, Sex, and exposition of the body in the mainstream media.
  • Status, Power, and Ambition: An analysis of what different types of clothing represents.
  • What is the relationship between fashion and nudists?
  • Habits of lifetime: Dressing nuns and monks through the ages.
  • Susannah, Trinny, and looking well naked.
  • Englishness Sense- fashion in Britain through ages
  • Age of liberalism – fashion since 1920
  • Fashion trends after 2nd World War
  • The 60’s Fashion: Flares, flowers, and fun.
  • History of women’s fashion shoes and bags.
  • Chronological study of women’s fashion since the time of 1700
  • Marriages Material – Undergarments, night wears and other accessories for newly wedded couples.
  • 50’s fashion trends on the streets now.
  • A discussion of 70’s fashion icons and their contribution to the fashion world.
  • ‘The Tailor and the Cobbler’: Forgotten trades relationships
  • Ethnic clothing in UK, London; bazaars and markets