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The Artist and Hugo might have dominated when it came to collecting Oscars at the 84th Academy Awards, however it had been the horny stars who very caught our attention last night. From Mila Jovovich to a awfully horny trying Christian Bale, those folks who watched the event from home could not facilitate however surprise regarding their celebrity beauty secrets.

Although celebrities are warned against red carpet antics, (such as Sacha Baron Cohen’s questionable Dictator attire), mixing into the background would even be a serious fashion fake pas at the Oscars. Award events provide celebrities to create a press release with their clothing and definitely who they bring about in conjunction with them for the event.

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Obviously Oscars fashion is well on top of and beyond the everyday, however quite the dresses, the hair and makeup conjointly provide celebrities the prospect to spotlight their beauty. For celebrity girls who are typically caught by the paparazzi trying but stylish, the Academy Awards offers them a novel likelihood to indicate the reporters, (and thereby the world), exactly what they have.

The secret of trying fabulous at the Oscars is to step it up when it involves fashion and wonder, while not going overboard, (ala Sacha Baron Cohen).

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