All that is fancy is not fashion

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Glittering dresses, fancy wear, designer jewelry, and attractive model. Perfect for a small brief on fashion and the industry that encompasses it. Every little thing associated looks perfect and fabulous. Doesn’t it? If you think that the fashion industry is limited to a ramp walk or a photo shoot and advertisement of fashion brands and corporations.

Hold on! It’s a whole lot more. What about the models? Let’s just say that they put in immense hard work and have gone through numerous rehearsals. If you are an aspiring model or an even a fashion designer you might as well understand what the fashion industry is all about. Following are a few areas you can touch upon:·The worlds within This multibillion dollar industry is not only about selling and promotion of apparel and products but also inculcates many technical and business avenues that have contributed to reaching astonishing heights.

All that is fancy is not fashion

This industry thrives on the complicated network between its facets which primarily are design, manufacturing, marketing, retailing, advertising and promotion. Therefore, it is obvious the fashion industry imbibes a myriad of other industry to have such global appeal at a very consistent level. Key areas that drive the ship: Procurement and production of raw materials are what it begins with.

Fibers, textile, leather, fur, and materials related to the creation of fashion goods are the elements that are generally stressed upon. The design is what rolls in parallel. Fashion designers and fashion groups develop unique ideas and put them on drawings and sketches.

Then these ideas are given physical forms and manifestations through the machines and equipment’s of the manufactures. The factory products are then shipped to their destinations for retailing. Media and marketing follows suit and go about their usual business along with the promotion of the products. By now you should have understood the distribution and reach of this industry.

Independent sectors come together with one goal of satisfying the consumer. Bread and butter: You might be tempted to buy a certain product on display or you might aspire to endorse one. Please note that this industry provides a huge scope of employment and there are numerous roles and job demands to look at. For example, a costume is the result of the efforts of many professionals right from the factory worker up to the model endorsing it, from the designer who gave it a shape to the marketing manager who planned and discussed its promotion.

Pretty faces and paparazzi: Hey, don’t forget the clicks that keep the models busy posing. Fashion photography is profession that has gained a lot of ground in the recent years. It has achieved the status of a main stream job just like fashion designing.

Getting noticed during a ramp walk also has its advantages. Famous models get to endorse different products which are not directly connected to fashion world and at times are provided with the opportunity to be the face of a cosmetic brand or even its ambassador.

Modeling in Florida might be the option you have or you might have received an interview call for the job profile of a marketing manager in a fashion house, remember the fashion industry is one of the most diverse and appealing industries there is.Anny Smith is known for writing fashion industry blogs. From modeling in Florida to Chicago auditions – she writes on all fashion related topics.