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A warm coat is definitely one of the must-have itemsthis year, and it is an art to choose a coat that both suits you and is fashionable. You may time after time be upset when you try on some favorite items. Don’t be sad or angry because you can definitely be more beautiful by just understanding the magic of fashion! There are several key things to know.

Firstly, each of us has a different figure, and everyone has different strengths and defects in their conformation. A style may be flattering to some body types but not to others.

Following the new trends gives you a new look and a great sense of being fashionable, but remember that choosing the right coat for your shape is more important!

  • Pear shape: narrow shoulders and fairly wide hips

The principle is to define your shoulder and emphasize your top. A perfect choice is a military coat – one of the hottest trends this fall/winter – with its double-breasted style. Your shoulders will look stronger with pads and the fitted, seamed waist will highlight your middle. You can easily find them in the collections of some popular brands such as Express. Surprisingly, they may come cheaper than you ever thought.

Alternatively, you can select coats that have trimmings and take-notice details on the top such as pleating, big metal buttons, a cap or puffed sleeves, or a collar with feathers. The bottom part should flare enough to be A-line so that it can cover your lower half and you can move easily.

fall coats for women 2012

  • Apple shape: upper half of your body is larger than your bottom half

In contrast to the above, your purpose is to conceal and alleviate the rough-hewn shoulders. Single-breasted buttons and V-necks will definitely make your neck and bust more elegant. That’s why a trench coat – the most popular and timeless style – can flatter you.

Raglan sleeves and deep armholes will also create the illusion of a slender shoulder. The bottom part can be straight with A-line cuts and a flyaway lapel (no belt), or tiered.

You could also go for slightly unfitted coats as they conceal your heavy top and allow comfortable motion. So designs such as the cocoon or doll coat from the collection of Urban Outfitters can satisfy you.

coats for women 2012

  • Column shape: whether you are a thin or thick column, your desire is to add more curves to your body

Clearly you should choose coats that have embellishments such as padded shoulders, pockets, peplum flare, or pleating around your hips. Together with a belt at the waist they will make you look curvier and more feminine. All of them converge in the special collection of Gap collaborating with Valentino. Cool and romantic are the adjectives used to describe this collection, so have a look!

Additionally, a trench coat with a cape – also a hot trend in fall/winter 2012 – will emphasize your length.

That is the principle, but if you are not very long and lean, don’t add too many volumes.

Just one more thing to consider: how much you want to pay? A good coat that you can wear for several falls and winters is the one that is both fashionable and comfortable, and it usually comes more expensive than fake items. Is it affordable? Absolutely! There are stores online selling clothes of popular brands such as Urban Outfitters and Express, and they usually have good deals for you to select.

Just go to those stores and then pick your dream coat now!

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