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There’s nothing people in the UK look forward to more than summer. Although there’s a constant yearning for the sun to come out tomorrow, it’s not always the case. But when the weather forecast hits the twenties, umbrellas go into hibernation and the season of festival fashion begins. With a multitude of festivals happening over the UK every summer, come rain or shine, fashion trends are almost sculptured around these events. It changes from year to year and you can be sure that festival fashion has undergone certain transformation even since 2011. But what have been the looks of this summer. Let’s take a peek.

Tailor Made

It takes a bit more effort than just grabbing a glow-stick, putting on some lumo paint and accessorising with your drink of choice this summer. Some companies even revolve around providing bespoke outfits for festivalgoers to commission or rent. Prangsta is one such company that creates works of art by recycling discarded fashion items that would otherwise go to waste. Be the belle of the festival with a crafted Phantom of the Opera get-up or a made-to-fit Alice and Wonderland kit?

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Fashion Equality

Another trend that seems to be infiltrating the festival fashion circle is matching costumes. Whether for men or women, character outfits are popular amongst friends (making it easier to find each other after inevitably getting separated) as well as parents taking their kids to experience the atmosphere.

Fashion on Display

Here are just a few looks that should find their way into your wardrobe and suitcase over the festival season:

1. Stand out from the very large crowd at the festival with a polka dot dress. Loud skirts are back in fashion and this should be evident throughout the festivals.

2. Amongst all the partying and consumption of beverages to keep you hydrated, you still need to eat. It might not be a fashion trend that catches on too quickly but you could make the most out of your festival dining in style with this picnic basket from Cath Kidston.

We’ve already seen the Isle of White Festival absolutely flooded out this year, so no matter how summery you wish to dress, always be prepared to kit yourself out with a reliable pair of wellingtons and hope that those loose-fitting florally dresses are all you’ll be needing. You can even exttend your fashion exploits to funky tents, but never compromise style over structure, of course.

Nicky Warner is a fashionista, there’s no doubt about it. From scheduled manicures to designer shoes and even plain white shirts when worn with the right accessories, she’s on top of her fashion game.

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