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Eyes are the windows of the heart and soul and We normally notice people’s eyes first. When folks look into my eyes I really like to make my eye lashes are as appealing as possible and looking their best, that’s why many persons still favour eyelash extensions as the simplest way to improve your facial features to the best effect.

With eyelash extensions, semi permanent eyelashes are the most popular solution.

Eyelashes can be quite flirty accustomed to attract or repel or send messages. They’re such hard-working and deserve some indulging which I began doing for my own a few months ago. I found semi-permanent eye lash extensions and they have worked very well for enhancing my eyes.

Prior to Xmas I had invitations to a couple of swanky gatherings and I wanted to create a big impression. I decided ‘dressing’ my eyes in jewelled lashes would give me that amazing dazzle that would turn every head within the room in my direction and the impact was enormously eye-catching.

Since I’d started eyelash extensions a couple of months before I knew the procedure was just like having hair extensions but more fragile. Artificial lashes are attached to your own lashes 1 by 1 utilizing specific surgical glue. You don’t feel anything and your eyes are closed the whole time. It’s really a extremely soothing program. macone#$24

After the new lashes are connected you need to wait a few minutes for the bonding agent to create and then the thin gems are glued in place utilizing fine tweezers. The technique is interesting and very delicate. I had my eye shadow with me to guarantee the color choice is correct. The technical assistant helped me put it on and then I picked Swarovski crystals as they have so much glitter and shine. My only thought once I noticed the results was I indisputably took the wow element.

woman blue eye with extremely long eyelashes

The specialist didn’t recommend lower lash extensions since they are so hard to keep in however I preferred them just for this special day but didn’t have got gems put on the bottom set. The end result seemed to be magnificent and my spectacular eyes, with their thick, sparkling fringes, appeared giant. I also seen I looked a good couple of years younger which was an added bonus.

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Just the same as standard lash extensions you need to be cautious not to get water near your eyes for the very first day. The jewels do not last as long as eyelash extensions however they lasted through both parties and I would hardly have preferred jewels on my lashes at work.

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