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When designers release their new collections twice a year, the fashion world is usually clamouring to get a look at their creations and catch a glimpse of what they’ll be wearing in a few months’ time. But instead of innovative new clothing, you’ll soon start to notice even brands like Chanel and Gucci get their ideas from past trends.

Yes, they’ll tweak them and give them a modern spin, but recycling old ideas and turning them into something fresh is all the rage.

So, what are the ideas that refuse to die in the world of fashion?

retro clothing for women

Flared trousers – When the initial buzz surrounding skinny jeans started to die down, flared trousers were suddenly back on the radar and now everyone’s wearing them. But these are far from a new style, as anyone who knows anything about the 70s will tell you.

Flares have been around for decades and although they may now come as jeans rather than the white trousers sported by John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever, there’s no denying their origins.

Tie-dye – Tie-dye is really popular right now and lots of designers have been using this colourful printing technique on their garments. But far from being a new thing, tie-dye has been around forever and was particularly popular back in the 60s.

Now, it’s been given a modern spin and carefully-chosen colours with more sophisticated patterns have brought this look right up to date.

1950s prom dresses – A couple of years ago, fashionistas everywhere went mad for 1950s-style prom dresses with A-line skirts, bold floral patterns and nipped-in waists. Amid a sea of body-con frocks and tea dresses, why did this suddenly become so popular?

The answer is Mad Men. The TV show about an advertising company set in New York in the beginning of the 60s had everyone looking to copy the characters’ style. Prom dresses were one of the most popular lakes and this type of dress soon become a huge trend.

Leggings – No longer just something to wear at the gym, leggings are hugely popular. They’re comfy, available in an almost unimaginable range of colours and patterns and are really versatile. But they’re not a new thing. Back in the 80s everyone was wearing leggings – usually with big sweaters and even bigger hair.

They’ve been definitely been updated and thankfully, a lot of the neon that was so popular 30 years ago has started to disappear, but leggings have definitely been one of the most popular comeback trends. Crop tops are also enjoying something of a resurgence and just like in the 80s, loads of peoples’ style these with their leggings for a fun, sporty look.

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