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   Despite the fact that Glastonbury is noticeable in its absence this year, in part due to the presence of the Olympics, the summer still has a number of fantastic festivals in store across the world ranging from Reading/Leeds through to Benicassim in Spain. Part of the fun of packing up a tent for the weekend, apart from the obvious attraction of a weekend of drinking and the energy of live music, is the outfits we get to pack and festival fashion. The trends of 2012 are as fun as ever and, if you want to stay on trend this year, here are a few items that all festival goers should pack.

Denim cut-offs

   Omni-present at the Coachella music festival back in April, denim cut-offs have become the shorts of choice for the fashionista of 2012. Endorsed by the likes of Kirsten Stewart, denim cut-offs combine a fantastic DIY indie look with comfort – ideal for hot festivals or, when teamed with black tights, provide a great instantly slimming illusion whilst providing warmth.

denim cut-offs

   Whilst ponchos do not exactly have a history of being associated with snappy dressers they are of fantastic use in the event of a sudden outburst of rain. Due to their practical function many designers have turned their hands to make ponchos as aesthetically pleasing as possible and have gone about creating designs which will appeal to trendy festival goers by incorporating stylish on-trend designs. Floral print ponchos are particular in fashion at the moment combining the fashion look of the summer with the practicality of the classic poncho design.

poncho dress
Festival wellies

   For festivals which are likely to be muddy, which are likely to be most in the UK, wellies are perhaps the obvious choice of footwear. Whilst in the past, the welly design often came in bland green colours it is now, like the poncho, available in a number of different styles and patterns which will allow the wearer to look stylish whilst also protecting their feet from the elements. Zebra print is recommended for those looking for a bold look, but rose and floral print are amongst the cutest designs at the moment. Great for wearing in combination with denim cut offs in the style of Kate Moss.

festival wellies 2012
Wide Brimmed Hat

   Another example of appropriating a style which has not always been associated with the young and the fashionable. Wide brimmed hats, one the preserve of middle class women attending horse racing events, were spotted as the headwear item of choice at Coachella. They are perfect in hiding bad hair days (bear in mind this will happen most days at festivals) and protecting the wearer from the weather be it sun or rain. Two of the most prominent trends this year were the Bianca Jagger endorsed 70s style ultrabraid sunhat or the Alexa Chung-style straw hat and ribbon.

wide brimmed hat

Cross Body Bags

   Cross Body Bags are perfect for keeping your essentials with you at all times and allows both hands to be free for carrying your drinks or, if the moment really takes you, waving rhythmically in the air to power ballads. The boho look is a particularly strong one this summer but, for those looking to add pizzazz to their look, a sleek tan leather bag featuring studs and tassels could be a perfect complimentary item to your festival get up.

cross body bags

Kieron Casey is a fashion writer and blogger for Barratts shoes who is dreaming of swapping his wingtips for a pair of wellies this summer to enjoy the likes of Paul Weller and The Crookes.

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