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Engagements rings in general can be a sticky subject. Some brides enjoy being surprised with an engagement ring when their fiancé proposes. Others wish to pick out their own ring after they accept the proposal. Either way, there are some tips to keep in mind while going through this process.

  • You should never relate the cost of the engagement ring to the love your fiancé feels for you. Not everyone can afford super expensive bridal jewelry, so the size of the jewel you receive is a correlation to how he feels. This is one case where it is definitely the thought that counts.
  • Who says you have to go for a diamond ring? There are plenty of other options, like birthstones, precious metals, and even simple bands. Choose a wedding ring that fits your personal style, which will in turn compliment your wedding gown.
  • The shape of a stone and its attachment to the band are important when choosing a ring. For example, if you pick a large stone, it may get caught on your clothing or even snag your wedding dress. Larger rings may be uncomfortable, so try them on and choose wisely. Bigger is not always better.
  • A major issue that couples overlook is the way in which an engagement ring matches the wedding band. Both rings are worn on the same finger, so if you have a ring with a huge stone, it may be difficult to fit it in with the band. Choose a ring that is both beautiful and practical.
  • Some people simply don’t like to wear jewelry on their hands. If this is the case, no worries. A really popular trend these days is to wear the ring on a chain around your neck. It still shows commitment while keeping you comfortable. This is also a great alternative for men. Many couples like this compromise because the ring then rests close to their hearts.
  • What about family heirlooms? In some cases, men will pass down their mother’s or grandmother’s wedding ring. This tradition is considered old-fashioned by some, but with all of the talented jewelers out there, you can certainly have any heirloom ring tailored for a new look that suits you.
  • Most importantly, take your time when choosing engagement rings. It is the ring that you will hopefully be wearing for years and years to come, so don’t take the decision making process lightly.

Engagement Rings

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