Eat Your Way to Weight Loss

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When trying to lose weight, people often think of all the things they can’t eat. They focus on eating less, restrict their diet and generally tend to feel hungry. The problem with this form of dieting is the dieter ends up thinking about the unhealthy foods more, increasing cravings and the likelihood of slipping up on the diet. Instead of taking the restriction approach, dieters should focus on the foods they can eat. This often means trying new foods that can replace the unhealthy ones that have been part of a diet.

Fat Cravings

If you are a fried chicken and waffles kind of person, you may struggle with feeling full and satisfied when you take the fatty foods away. If this is the case, try substituting in foods with healthy fats, such as avocado and almonds. Adding these to a sandwich or salad can satisfy you for hours. They are also full of other nutrients that fight illness and promote good health. Almonds are also considered alkaline foods, meaning they help balance the pH levels in the body, which some health advocates believes can improve overall health and energy levels.

Sweet Tooth

If chocolate and candy tend to be your downfall, consider stocking up on whole grain breads and dark chocolate. The whole grains satisfy your metabolism much longer than processed grains because they are more complex and contain higher amounts of fiber. Dark chocolate satisfies cravings in smaller amounts and has less sugar and more health benefits overall than milk and white chocolate. When choosing whole grains, look for the label 100 percent whole grain. Many products will claim to be whole grain but really only a percentage of the ingredients consist of whole grains.

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Some dieters find that even if they eat healthy meals they still tend to get hungry in between. Rather than relying on salty snacks to make it to the next meal, explore your produce section. Snack time is a great way to increase the number of fruits and vegetables eaten in a day. Have all the produce cut up and ready to go, so it is just as convenient to eat some carrot sticks as it is to open a bag of potato chips. Along with the produce, eat a serving of whole grains or a healthy fat to help you feel satisfied longer, such as whole grain crackers and white cheese.

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