Dressing To Get The Job

  • Sumo

With high unemployment figures and large numbers of people applying for every job, you’re one of the lucky ones if you are invited for an interview. If you are really keen on getting this particular job then make sure to do your homework on the company before the big day.

Most interviewers expect that an interviewee will know something about their business and will often slip in a question to discover how much you know about their particular company. Be smart and let them know that you have visited their website or read their marketing materials. Once you have done your homework and brushed up on your interview skills the next thing is to make sure that you dress to get the job.


Looking the Part

While many think the idea is outmoded, it is still the case that first impressions matter, and the first impression (after your application form) that an interviewer has, is your appearance. If you turn up for an interview in jeans and an old tee shirt, you’d have to forgive the interviewer for thinking that you weren’t bothered whether you got the job or not.

One of the reasons you should find out as much as you can about your potential employers is that this information could give you a key about company dress code. As a rule of thumb, companies in the financial industry tend to expect their employees to dress formally. Creative outfits may prefer a smart casual appearance to a formal suit.

Wearing What Suits You

If you are applying for a position in an office, a smart skirt or trousers and a matching or contrasting jacket along with your favourite top will look great.  If you want something a bit more conservative then team one of the great silk blouses available on the market with a skirt or trouser suit. Choose colours that suit you and a style that flatters your shape – but not too obviously. Use your own judgement and common sense when it comes to dressing to get the job/

Planning and Preparation

Dressing to get the job does involve a bit of planning. It is always a good idea to try on the chosen outfit a couple of days before the interview. Stand in front of a full length mirror so that you can check for dipping hems and get an idea of what you might look like to a potential employer. Make sure that your hair looks tidy and keep makeup to a minimum. Choose the right accessories to go with your outfit; people do still notice things like scuffed shoes so make sure yours are clean.

Try out the whole look before the interview, if you think the look is too formal this is the time to make changes. – wear a cardigan or jumper instead of a jacket, weather permitting.  Silk blouses are great no matter what sort of company you hope to work for, as they’re comfortable but at the same time businesslike.