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With hundreds of race meetings each year in Ireland, many of the big ones have a Ladies’ Day when women and men alike put in that extra effort to look stylish and sophisticated. The sartorial splendour on display draws the crowds, making Ladies’ Day the most popular day of most race meetings. So how can you dress to impress for that upcoming Ladies’ Day?

Dress for the Occasion

Remember to dress appropriately. Ladies’ Day requires a significantly different get-up to a night out on the town, so avoid short dresses and killer heels. A classy look can be achieved with a good knee-length dress or even a feminine pant suit. A simple outfit can easily be ornamented and dressed up with a few choice accessories, a colourful scarf or shoes or indeed a statement headpiece.

The All-Important Headpiece

Headpieces are a must for Ladies’ Day. It’s always the hats that are marvelled over by spectators and photo journalists alike and the all-important jury will surely be on the lookout for a well-chosen headpiece. When choosing your headpiece, bring your outfit so you can match the colours and ensure that you achieve a balanced look. Avoid oversized hats and other headgear as you don’t want to look top-heavy on the big day.


Important Considerations

This is Ireland, so a little thought spared for a stylish umbrella to suit your outfit will make you stand out when it starts pouring down. When choosing a bag, do yourself a favour and pick one with a strap. Clutches are attractive, but if you’re carrying a clutch, an umbrella, your race card, binoculars and a drink, you’ll soon find yourself overloaded. A medium-sized shoulder bag is a better option. During the summer months, keep a little sunscreen in your bag as you don’t want to end your Ladies’ Day looking red as a tomato!


As you will be walking around all day and standing for long periods of time, invest in a comfortable pair of shoes, preferably with a thick heel. Walking around barefoot with your treacherous stilettos dangling from your hand is a real faux pas at the Races.

Keep in mind that less is more and a simple, stylish look with a few attractive accessories will be more likely to get you noticed for the right reasons than loud, gaudy colours and patterns. Let your personality shine through and don’t wear an outfit you don’t feel comfortable in. Confidence is the key to a smashing look and a great day.

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