Dress to Impress: Best Attire for Summer Dining

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Choosing an outfit for a special occasion can be a bit of a challenge during the hot summer months. High-quality fabrics that provide structure and define a dress’ silhouette might be too heavy or constricting. Flowing fabrics wilt in humidity, and sweat bleeds through them very quickly. It is best to wear clothing made out of natural fibres like cotton. Rayon knits are lightweight and breathable as well.

Dressing Up

Dinner dates lend themselves to cute dresses. Stores are full of them year-round, so there will always be many styles and colours available. This means that there is no reason to not look perfect on a first date, engagement party, rehearsal dinner or any other formal occasion. It is even possible to look fresh all day at a summer wedding. One just has to be creative and willing to take a few fashion risks.

It goes without saying that the dress is going to be the foundation of the entire look; many people opt for plain clothes during the summer because extra details and stitching can make a garment heavier. Even though a dress it might end up feeling more substantial than the wearer would like, it is better to wear a structured, distinctive dress than it is to wear something plain and then pile on bulky accessories. The outfit should make a big statement with as few pieces as possible.

Dress to Impress Met Ball

Lace dresses became popular this past summer for this very reason. A loose-fitting lace dress with a lightweight lining is automatically formal. A skater dress in a dark, rich colour can have a similar effect when worn by a young woman with a nice figure. Skater dresses dramatically flared A-line skirts, which show off curves and small waists. A colour like forest green or deep burgundy makes an otherwise casual dress appropriate for nighttime wear. Dressing in a mature manner is sometimes dependent upon carefully planned simplicity; casting a womanly impression in an eye-catching colour does the trick.

Putting Your Best Foot Forward

Wedge sandals wear well with the aforementioned skater dresses. They usually have beige platforms made out of cork or woven material, and the light shade contrasts with jewel tones in a way that makes other accessories unnecessary. Young women who opt for lace dresses cannot wear wedges and still look put-together. Plain black pumps look nice with lace dresses in any colour, though throwing of black shoes might feel too obvious to women who are educated regarding fashion. Nude heels have been popping up on red carpets all year, and for good reason. They elongate the legs and do not compete with patterned clothing. They make the wearer look graceful and delicate because they do not finish the look in the harsh way that dark shoes do. A lace dress that is on the short side will accentuate the legs even further.

Pairing a carefully chosen dress with the right shoes is the best way to put together a fuss-free summer outfit. The ability to show of good taste with minimalist elegance is the key to dressing formally in difficult weather.

The beach is a waitress at Deckhouse Woolwich Restaurant in Sydney, Australia. When she isn’t working at the restaurant, Bec has a keen interest in fashion, and is an aspiring fashion writer. The beach is always willing to share some tips on putting together an outfit for any occasion.

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