Dress Shirts for 4 Personality Types

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There is one thing every man needs in his style arsenal: a cotton button-down shirt. These tops go with virtually anything, and are appropriate in a variety of different settings, from the boardroom to the baseball stadium to the ballet.

However, there are quite a few different types of long-sleeve tops available. You may be wondering how to select one (or several) that will make you in particular look effortless and polished.

Consider your personality when shopping for clothes. Here is a breakdown of four different disposition types and some clothing options that could be quite suitable for each.

Dress Shirts

1) Type-A Professional

The Type-A person is impossible to miss. He is confident and articulate, and the authority of the group in most situations.

This type of person requires a wardrobe that speaks to his need to stand out, so slim fits in attention-grabbing colors can be the best choice.

Slim-fit silhouettes show off a trim physique because they are cut so as to be slender through the torso, arms and chest.

Fierce colors like red and orange ensure that the Type A has all eyes on him at all times – just as he prefers it.

2) Traditional All-American

The traditional all-American man is a hard worker, too, and he values heritage, simplicity and respectability above all.

For these types, classic comfort in neutral colors is the best bet. A regular fit cotton dress shirt in blue, white, tan or gray ensures that this gentleman looks dapper and cool without screaming to be noticed.

3) Innovative Communicator

The innovative communicator is typically the opposite of the Type A and traditional all-American.

This person is original, yet inclusive – the one who always loves to chat by the water cooler and enjoys playing a supporting role at work and home.

The innovative communicator loves quality, too, but he doesn’t like pre-conceived categories. Therefore, this man will appreciate custom-made dress shirts.

If this describes you, then choosing your size, fit preferences and colors/patterns can allow you to create a one-of-a-kind item that’s as unique as you are.

4) Urban Sophisticate

The urban sophisticate appreciates the finer things in life. His modus operandi is refined and modern; fashion actually matters to him.

This man should consider choosing luxury men’s dress shirts in extra-slim fit, non-iron cottons.

The extra-slim fit imparts a cutting-edge look, and the wrinkle-free fabric is convenient and perennially fresh looking for this jet setter.

Go online today to start shopping for wardrobe staples that fit all style preferences and personalities.

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