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Jewellery adds glamour and style to any occasion. Whether it is a simple string of pearls, or a grand piece of diamonds, it definitely adds drama to your evening. Jewellery has been associated with women from the early periods. They enhance the character and glamorise the owner. Jewels are the best ornaments to represent a woman. They are useful for all occasions, especially during parties and special occasions such as marriages, anniversaries etc.

Different Jewellery Designs

This season, you can play with various pieces to get the look which you want. Bold colours have made their entry. If you like to make a bold statement, then go for the heavy chains with eye catching pendants. When you are going for this effect, choose a subtle colour for your clothes. Go for pastel colours and minimise your makeup. Highlight any one particular thing and it is a definite hit. This can be worn for informal parties.

Formal parties require more drama. Choose emeralds or sapphires. If you want to go for a simple style yet make an impact, you can always wear a simple diamond necklace or can go for a simple chain with a large pendant.  Pearls are in this season, so you can use pearls. A classic black evening dress paired with big pearls, can still woo the crowd. Pearls are appropriate for the formal occasions. Earrings and bracelets also make a statement. Watches also help you to achieve the desired effect. Avoid too much jewellery as it ends up looking gaudy.  Dress according to the occasion and the place.

Special occasions require special jewellery. Go for bridal pieces for marriages or engagements. Kundans are in vogue this season. Try emeralds, than the traditional diamonds. Team up your clothes accordingly. Go for safe colour tones like gold or silver. Anniversaries are special; hence make an effort to look special. Let your jewellery reflect the theme you have chosen for the party. Try to subdue your clothes. Give more attention to the colour. Elegant and classic looks are always a safe bet, so if you want to play safe opt for these styles.  Heavy jewellery is not suitable for all occasions hence give importance to the charms you wear. Want to experiment, go for handmade jewellery as these pieces are unique and different.  Coordinate your clothes and make up accordingly.

Jewellery is always a safe investment. They act as a great financial asset and are very useful during a financial crisis. The gold rate is not stable and is accepted all over the world. Hence investing in a pair of gold earrings is like securing your money. Special occasions need special gifts. If is your 25 year anniversary; surprise your wife with a beautiful diamond necklace. Do not worry about the finances. You can always depend on payday loans, short term loans or instant cash. This not only helps you buy a gift but also helps in investing your money. Same day cash loans are easier to pay back and are faster to get.

Jewellery always makes a statement. Whether it is regal, glamorous, elegant, classy, sassy, fun, traditional, royal etc. hence select your style and make your entrance.

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