Designing the Perfect Rowing Kit

  • Sumo

Like some of the other great British sports, golf and cricket, there is a lot of tradition attached to rowing. This vast history pervades every aspect of the sport, from the etiquette, the rules and even the clothing.

In terms of rowing, there are rules and traditions that date back many years. Club colours are very significant and a source of great pride for those who get to wear them.

In the Boat Race between Oxford and Cambridge, perhaps the world’s most famous and prestigious race, the colours of light and dark blue are a source of tremendous pride for those in the boat.

quality rowing kit

What makes a good rowing kit?

Of course, it is not just colour that is important to a quality rowing kit. There is a practical element to bear in mind too. Rowing is one of the most physical sports in the world. The sheer power and brute force expended in a boat is astonishing. The clothes the crews wear therefore have to be hard wearing and flexible to take this punishment. Too tight and it will be restrictive, too loose and it can get in the way. Ultimately, rowing kit needs to be designed to fit well and be cut in the right places.

Traditionally, rowing kits consisted of shorts and tops of cotton but in more recent years, athletic kit development has moved towards a more scientific approach. The invention of lycra has revolutionised the rowing kit, with all-in-one kits providing the necessary flexibility and support when needed.

What to consider when designing your own kit?

If you’re thinking about designing a kit for your club, you need to consider which cut or fit your team would like best. Is it just club tops you need or are all-in-ones better suited?

At you can design your very own club kit complete with club colours and motifs. Choose between the range of styles offered and customise your colours. You even get to choose the type of collar the kits come with, giving you ultimate flexibility over what you order.

When it comes to colour options, something which represents your organisation is always advisable but there are other options too. Bold and bright, subtle and muted; whatever your decision make sure the choice is something which works for you.

Keep with tradition but also get the very latest and best rowing kit design at the same time. Just think how good your boys and girls will look out on the water and how much fear a brand new club kit will strike into the heart of the opposition before the race.

Ultimately you want to make the club members proud to wear the colours. With a stunning new modern kit reflecting the traditions of rowing by embracing the most modern designs and clothing styles this is easy to do. Now just watch them give their all for the team on the water!