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Lehangas or pavan dai or ghagra is famous wedding attire all over the country. Each state calls it with a different name like choli, voni and others. It is a long skirt that is worn as a bottom by females. In north India and Pakistan, lehangas would have a lot of embroidery and stone works. Thus, if you are planning to buy a wedding lehanga choli, you can find lehengas with exotic and lush designs.

Where to find lehengas?

Almost all garment stores in your city would have lehengas. But, it is not easy to find all kinds of wedding lehenga designs in one shop. Thus, you need to spend a lot of time in choosing the right attire. With wedding work piling up, you cannot spend more time in surfing shops. Thus, it is better to opt for online sites like Cbazaar.


Types of lehengas

You body can be classified as hourglass, banana, pear and apple. If your hip is curved in, you are hourglass. If your hip does not have a curve, you are a banana. If you have curved hip with the area below the hip larger than top area, you are a pear. If the area above your hip is larger than below, you are an apple. Now that you are clear about what type of body structure you have, let’s see the style of lehengas which would suit you.

  1. Fish tail –lehanga would be a tight fit below your knee and would be wide at your feet. You would look like a mermaid in this style. Hourglass or banana shaped body would suit well. Use a collar if you have an hourglass body and if you have a banana body, choose short blouse.
  2. Straight cut – this is a normal style lehenga that is of same size from waist to feet. It would have slits at sides. The straight cut designer wedding lehenga would suit all type of body style.
  3. Panel – skirt would be made up of many panels stitched together along length. If you have a pear shaped body, choose panel style and wear a short blouse.
  4. A-style –skirt would look like the alphabet A. It would be narrow at waist and would be broad at feet. A-style suits people with hourglass or pear body.
  5. Circular – it is the same as that off panel style, but it would have a flaring look when you turn around. Circular style suits people with all kinds of body shape.

If you want to choose the best one that would suit you and your body shape, you need an online store that provides a wide collection of lehengas. One such site is Cbazaar.  If you are planning to select bridal lehenga, remember that you would be in lime spotlight and the dress you choose should suit your colour, style and shape. Get customization services for your dresses only in this site. There are a lot of different payment options for those who do not want to provide credit card or debit card details.