Deer Antler Sprays For Bodybuilders

  • Sumo

With the progression of medical science and technology, Western countries are becoming popular in the use of Deer Antler Sprays for pumping up muscles and acting as a boon for bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts. Deer Antler products have been in the use for several centuries in the Eastern regions of the world for the treatment of sexual impotency and mental development. There are so many online stores marketing the product in different forms for increasing the effectiveness of its action.

Deer Antler Sprays For Bodybuilders

How are Deer Antler products helpful?

Deer Antler products primarily contains IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor-1) which caused several sports agencies to put a ban on the use of them, as they were tagged as performance enhancing supplements. Recently the World Anti-Doping Agency or WADA has lifted this ban on Deer Antler use when it was found that the product contains small amounts of IGF-1 which was not worth banning. The drug spontaneously encourages cell growth as it supports the pituitary for stimulating more and more of growth hormone within the body to facilitate reproduction and repair of cells.

The use of Deer Antler velvet has been popular since thousands of years ago in Chinese folklore medicine for improving kidney functioning, smooth flow of blood through vessels and treat other infectious diseases and disorders. It contains IGF-1 that is found inside the tissues of deer antlers before they fully mature. The growth rate of deer antlers is really fast, and so it is not incorrect to state that their horns enriched with IGF-1 too. Therefore the IGF-1 that is getting supplemented in the Deer Antler products is naturally occurring and so he FDA has approved the consumption or application of Deer Antler, unlike other steroidal products.

IGF-1 is a protein that gets secreted in higher amounts when the human growth hormone is stimulated by the somatotropic cells under the influence of pituitary gland. Thus it is naturally produced in the body that helps in the growth and development of children, as well as in adults for the building up of muscle mass. If the levels of IGF-1 is ramped up in the body, a potentially increment in the growth of cells can be experienced that will be capable of generating new muscle tissues after any workout induced injury. Thus the results are faster and stronger than any synthetic anabolic steroids.

What safety issues are related with Deer Antler sprays?

Any supplementation program can come out effective only if the dosage concentration and exposure time is maintained strictly by the users. Recommendation of doses depends majorly on the strengths of individual components of the product. By multiple trials on humans, it has been concluded that better use of Deer Antler products is through application of topical sprays. This is because of oral supplementation of the product is chosen, the individual strong action of the components can destroy crucial nutrients in the bloodstream on entering via the digestive system. As it encourages cell growth, it is better that Deer Antler sprays are applied on the skin that can work in a less risky way and also help you get a muscular body and eradicate growth deficits in children.