Day and Night Refined Looks for Men

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For men who work hard and spend long days at the office and entertaining clients, knowing how to dress to go from day to night and maintain an understated elegance can be difficult. While you want to look refined at work, when you hit the social part of the business world, you want to have a look that is appropriate for the situation. This can be a delicate balance, but with a few tips, you can make it seem easy to go from day to night.

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  • Be Comfortable – First, it is important to be at ease in what you have on. Because you will be wearing some of the same clothes throughout the day, you will need something that you can feel at ease in while still looking your best. Choose men’s classic apparel, such as slacks and a cotton dress shirt that will make you look professional without feeling uncomfortable.
  • Wear clothes that will not wrinkle – For many men, sitting in a hot environment can cause their clothes to look wrinkled as the day goes on. To help avoid this and to remain looking fresh and crisp, choose non-wrinkle dress shirts when you know you have a long day ahead of you. This way, your clothes will remain looking just as strong and confident as you are.


  • Pair a sport coat – When you go to a more casual setting, drop the suit jacket and instead pair a sport coat with your outfit. This will give your men’s dress shirts a finished touch but in a more appropriate way for a casual environment. A sport coat is easy to keep in your vehicle and can be quickly switched out on the way from your office to your social function.
  • Make a statement with your shoes – Your shoes are also important. When you are heading out on the town, make sure your shoes keep their shine and still look well polished. Companies such as Brooks Brothers make shoes that work for both day and night functions. If you need to, it may be a good idea to also bring a fresh change of shoes to keep your feet feeling comfortable and avoid having your shoes look scuffed when you enter your evening destination.

As you get ready to go from the office to an evening business function, use these tips to help you maintain a fresh, clean-cut image from day to night.

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