Customized Lanyards for Wedding is an Inexpensive Step and Personal Gesture

Whenever we hear the word lanyard, we automatically associate it with business. However, lanyard isn’t only to carry ID cards for office, colleges, and schools, but it can be personalized. Have you ever thought of adding lanyards to a wedding? Well, wedding is a special moment. All hosts want their guests to remember it for lifetime. Giving out lanyards as return or thanks gift is not only unique idea, but personalizing it will remind them about your event for years.

Lanyards are often made of plastic which is bad for environment. Certain companies compromise on quality while buying it in bulk. This kind of propylene is harmful and cannot be recycled. They end up in landfill. Even if some of them are recycled, the plastic used in it emits chemical fumes which are hazardous. Due to these fumes, people suffer with lung problems, asthma, etc.

Thus, while choosing it as a gift for guests, ensure that you’re not harming nature. People appreciate those who care about environment. Therefore, when you gift them custom recycled lanyards they’ll appreciate your effort and continue to keep it forever. It is similar to recycled bags which are used for days because of its durability and purpose of saving environment.

Custom Earth Promo is an environmentally friendly company that manufactures products like lanyards, personalized seed papers, recycled bags, bottles, jotters, USB drives, straws, pens, etc. The company was found in 2009 and ever since they have kept their words of protecting environment and maintained the quality of every product. CEP deals directly with company without hiring any middlemen. This helps in saving money of both parties. If you ever want recycled products in reasonable price in bulk, contact them, they may be situated in Delray Beach, Florida, but provide service all over US.

Customized Lanyards for Wedding

Here are some ways of using lanyards in wedding and making it a personalized item –

  • Provide lanyards with badges that segregates group of people from bride’s and groom’s family. This way it helps staff in recognizing people.
  • You can prepare a badge where the venue, date, time and place can be mentioned. Attach that badge to the lanyard, which your guests can hang at proper place so that they don’t forget about it.
  • With invitation cards, you can attach a badge with lanyard that includes wedding theme, dress code, and guest’s name.
  • Wedding is incomplete without brides’ maid, best man, groomsmen, therefore prepare special badges for them along with lanyard which they can carry during wedding and make them feel special.
  • To make event interesting you can add adjectives to names of close friends and family on lanyards, so they wear it during the event.
  • If there is theme in wedding like superheroes, or different candies, then add names of all superheroes and superwoman on lanyards with logo and characters. Pass it on to every guest who enters and request them to wear it to make the event fun-filled
  • Instead of thinking too much on wedding favors, simply buy personalized lanyards with thank you messages on it and gift it to every guest in the wedding. This is unique and will be remembered every time they will see it hanging on the wall.

 There are various ways of using personalize lanyards in wedding event. It is the best way of saving money, yet making your day special.

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