Craziest Beauty Trends of 2018

We’re only half way into 2018 and already the beauty industry has seen some crazy trends sweeping the globe. From eyebrow styles to hairstyles, I’m going to walk you through some of the truly bizarre trends that I’ve seen so far in the first half of 2018.

Among them is the trend of fishtail brows. According to my research all that is needed is a little concealer in order to create a negative space and the right styling product to keep your brows in place so far.

Another eyebrow technique is the halo brow. As the name suggests this craze is simple. Create a halo shape on your forehead. Clearly one trend that should never leave the internet.

Moving onto the world of makeup I’ve come across the yellow blush craze. Why? I’m not sure in who’s world the color yellow, but there you go. Apparently, its best worn on cheeks bones and eyelids for that dramatic effect.

short hairstyles Limerick

Another facial makeup, dare I say it, fail would have to be the glitter face. It’s quite literally as the name suggests a full face of glitter and it was seen on the fall runway in Paris.

Next, we have Dragonfly Wings. Now this one I actually like. Not sure I’d do it myself, but as fair as lip art goes it’s pretty cool. The idea is to take ice blue lip stick and pair it with black liner. You could even have some fun with this and recreate the pattern with some dragonfly inspired nails.

As for hairstyles we’ve seen so many colors and cuts include the rainbow part. Self-explanatory. Dye your hair to resemble a rainbow and part your hair so its in the centre. Fish Scale hair. A shaved undercut with hair that is then dyed a silvery grey so that it resembles fish scales.

And finally, what hairstyle isn’t complete without a fashionable 90s throwback. The claw clip. Versatile and quick its guaranteed to give you flashbacks to your past fashion faux pax. Okay, so I can’t say no to this one as it is way more practical than I care to admit.

So, the next time you’re at the salon, I’d definitely be asking what are some of the more crazier trends that they’ve come across and what services they offer. Maybe one of the trends I’ve listed above will be on their price list.

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