Costume Jewellery Offers Variety in Design and Price

  • Sumo

Precious metal jewellery is becoming more and more difficult to afford due to high prices.  However, jewellery has always been a part of fashion. Owning and wearing jewellery has also been a constant over generations.  Jewellery has always reflected the social status of the owner and there has always been a great demand for unique designs.

 There was a time when costume jewellery, made from materials like brass, steel etc, was considered cheap imitation jewellery made for people who could not afford the precious kind.  This is no longer the case.  With the increase in prices of precious metals, along with higher quality products, more and more people are choosing costume jewellery.

costume jewellery

Costume jewellery is also very popular in the UK.  Many people have started wearing jewellery on a daily basis and this offers the best affordable option.  Combining different pieces is becoming very popular and allows the wearer to experiment with design.  There are designs to cater to different age groups, and the trends keep changing.  In fact, the trendy punk designs with chunky pieces of pendants, rings and chains are in huge demand.  The designs may not be affordable in the precious metals and may not look as appealing either.  There are a lot of brands specializing in kids’ costume jewellery.  Cartoon characters, animal characters, alphabets in pendants, ear rings etc offer parents a choice.  Even in this segment, there are different trends that keep changing with the seasons and dedicated stores which sell these exclusive designs.  The materials used are of the highest standards, and the designs are also suitable for kids from a safety point of view.

In the men’s segment of costume jewellery, the choices remain to be cufflinks, tiepins, and even watches in the formal section.  There are also choices for men in the punk jewellery section, with chains and macho pendants in steel and chrome to choose from.  These can be picked up on the high street.

 For women, the choices in costume jewellery are limitless.  Jewellery for any part of the body is available in steel, chrome and brass.  There are rings, danglers, bangles, bracelets and necklaces to choose from.  There is sterile costume jewellery for body piercing too. Most clothing stores have in house costume jewellery stalls that sell reasonably priced pieces that can be matched with their clothing designs.  This is also one of the reasons for the popularity of this kind of jewellery.  Women are able to easily put together a unique collection of clothes with matching accessories in one place and at an affordable price.