Completing Your Outfit

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A great outfit extends beyond what covers your legs and chest. A great outfit is a holistic piece of art, with every piece working in happy collaboration with every other piece. A successful outfit utilizes every piece of clothing; remove something, and the outfit is no longer what it once was. In order to create an outfit like this, you need to pay attention to details, and think beyond pants, skirts, dresses and shirts. It’s the small details that really tie an outfit together, and turn a plain, regular outfit into a stunning work of art. Master this ability, and you’ll look fabulous every time you go out. Here are some ways that you can complete your outfit:


Perfumes or colognes are one of the best-kept secrets to completing an outfit. They are, obviously, not visually noticeable, so instead they provide an extra something special when they reach the nose. While most accessories complete the aesthetic of the outfit, a special fragrance completes the experience. By adding an aromatic element to your look, you leave an impression on multiple senses.



It’s pretty common for people to choose one piece of jewelry to complement their outfit. But if you go with a whole ensemble, you can really have an impact. The goal is to not be overpowering or overbearing with your jewelry, but to add numerous complementary pieces. Small earrings, a necklace and a bracelet can all work in harmony to take your outfit to the next level.


Many people make the mistake of thinking that all good shoes are created equal. This simply isn’t true.  To tie your outfit together, you need to not settle for nice shoes, but wear nice shoes that go with the outfit. For instance, if you are a woman and you’re wearing jeans and a flannel shirt, a nice pair of sneakers or silver, glittery heels don’t do much, no matter how well those shoes go with another outfit. But a pair of cowgirl boots makes for a wonderful western-style outfit, and a pair of black leather heels makes for a sultry cowgirl look. It’s not just about nice pieces, it’s about nice pieces that help achieve the look you’re going for.


Many people forget how stylish hats can be, because they tend to only wear them when they’re having a bad hair day. But the reality is that hats are, arguably, the most diverse piece of clothing that you can buy. From beanies to cowboy hats, from caps to berets, hats come in thousands of styles. A few different hats in your collection can help you tie any outfit together.


Assuming the weather is right, scarves go with nearly any outfit. If the color and pattern works, you can wear a scarf with an evening gown, a suit, a sweater, a leather jacket, or even just a shirt. They are an all-purpose accessory that is sure to tie together any outfit.

By implementing a few of these pieces into your wardrobe, you can complete any outfit. The added attention to detail will make you stand out as being well dressed and stylish, and you’ll feel great about every aspect of your look.

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