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coca-cola fashion pack

Coca-Cola are no strangers to celebrity collaborations and partnerships having realised the lucrative potential of celebrity endorsements decades ago. The Spice Girls, Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, countless sports athletes and even supermodels have all taken their turn to endorse the fizzy drink giant. However, a new wave of celebrity promotion has hit us in the last few years which is a stroke of genius on the behalf of Coca-Cola and has put them firmly in the forefront of the media yet again. They are reinventing themselves as a high end brand that is considered more fashionable than the actual product they sell.

The company has enlisted several fashion designers over the last few years to endorse their products in the guise of ‘Creative Director’ for the brand which ultimately gives them free reign over the products packaging and design. Of course, advertising campaigns are all part of the job and their new ‘appointment’ is heavily promoted in the press.

When Jean Paul Gaultier took on the role in 2012 he spent no time at all redesigning Coca-Cola’s famous bottle to resemble his famous his and her perfume bottles. The effect is very impressive and allows the brand to stand out head and shoulders above its competitors, not only in the drinks cabinet and vending machines but also in the media, where a high fashion collaboration is always noted.

Jean Paul Gaultier is not the first pairing of this kind with Karl Lagerfeld put his own distinctive stamp on the brand in 2011. His battles featured an easily recognisable silhouette of the man himself on the front of the bottle leaving no-one in any doubt of his association with the brand. The renowned designer went one step further and actually promoted the drink heavily in interviews and appearances, once stating, ‘’As everybody knows, I drink Diet Coke and nothing else, night and day.’ There is a celebrity endorsement if there ever was one.

Matthew Williamson, Gianfranco Ferre, Marni and Roberto Cavalli have also jumped on the bandwagon in the past and the result is that Coca-Cola has gone from a successful fizzy drinks company to a high-end fashion label that people want purely for the name – who cares what it tastes like… In the same way that a Fashionista would beam proudly and announce their handbag was Miu Miu, the same can now be done with a Coke bottle, it is designer after all.

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