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But who does-eth the Making?

Whether it’s for a special occasion or for business, it’s a well known fact that clothes “maketh the man”.  A good suit may not last a lifetime but it will certainly last a long time. However, when buying a quality suit many of us will choose a designer version.  The alternative, the handmade tailored bespoke suits are (when compared to the big names) surprisingly affordable and, importantly, you’ll get a far better quality, long lasting, unique suit.  So where to start your search for bespoke suits?

Discreet Hovering

The first thing to find when searching for bespoke suits is a reputable tailor.  These gentleman’s outfitters can normally be found discretely hovering in the more expensive shopping areas and many large well known department stores.  They can also be found operating (again discretely) online.  The real mark of quality, when it comes to tailors is of course the Savile Row trained variety.  These tailors have the experience and the abilities gleaned from years spent in the tailoring industry.

Avoiding the Obvious

While desperately trying to avoid any, and all, inside-leg measurement jokes, it’s true that you’ll get a seriously personal service from a bespoke tailor.  Amongst the big advantages of buying a bespoke suit is the simple fact you are heavily involved in the design process, from choosing the fabric to the final cut.  Obviously your tailor will know better than you, but at least you can have some input!  The key, understated, phrase to watch out if you want to avoid a fashion disaster is “perhaps Sir would prefer to try…” – don’t ignore it.   In reality a tailor will be able to advise you on materials, cut and style based on your own preferences and your body type.

clothes make the man

Tall Tales and Short Sleeves

Not all of us come in the same size and this is another great advantage of tailored suits.  For those of us of the tall persuasion one common problem with any clothing is the length of sleeves and legs.  Normally a certain amount of adjustment is needed when buying off the shelf.  With bespoke suits the garment is made exactly to measure and you’ll get the designer, boutique look but with the pleasant upside that it’ll actually fit you, and not Brad Pitt!


Details in the styling will be down to personal choice, double breast or single should be your own decision, although a tailor with experience (and a slight cough) will be able to offer useful advice.  For the conservative minded a more traditional suit will be the most appropriate and also has the added benefit of being timeless and not affected by changing fashions.  However, for fashion junkies, it’s perfectly possible to have a suit designed that fits exactly the latest trends.

The Price of Style

The costs will vary depending on the tailor, the fabric, the style and the design.  The majority of suits made by bespoke tailors will also take some considerable time to create, most will be at least forty hours of work for a professional tailor and this will naturally add to the cost.  However, compared to the cost of a designer suit the prices can be surprisingly competitive and, of course, there will be only one suit like it in the world.  Unless, of course, you order two!

Bespoke suits can last a lifetime and, surprisingly, this can make them more cost effective than a designer option.  While tailors may have a distinct language of their own, understanding the meaning of ‘perhaps’ and a slight clearing of the throat, can help you to create the perfect suit.


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