Cigar’s Accessories: The Lighter Way to Smoking in Style

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Smoking is all about the pleasure you derive out of it, physical as well as psychological. Cigars have become a favorite with people all around the world. Perfectly creating a blend of satisfaction and style, cigars have always been the preference of the top notch and elite group. Cigars are not so much about nicotine addiction as they are about experience. Balancing flavor with the high of tobacco, they are best for people who want to just ease out their minds for a long time. But if you want to experience the true joy of smoking cigars, you must ensure to make use of different accessories for savoring each and every puff of the cigar.

Cigar's Accessories

Cigar Humidors: Preserving Quality

Cigars are not like cigarettes, if they promise to give you the best of experiences, then they even need to be preserved and handled well. Forget the freezer of your refrigerator because that is meant to keep your ice-cream. Cigar humidors are special devices that provide a stable environment to your cigars so that they can preserve their quality and flavor. Custom-made humidors are the latest trend but make sure you purchase one that maintains a humidity level of around 13 percent of your total cigar weight.

Cigar Lighters: Burning as you Desire

Your entire smoking experience commences when you light your cigar and thus you need to make a smart choice while selecting the perfect lighter for yourself. Most common lighters are the Bic lighters that just manage to burn a cigar’s tip with its inconsistent flame but if you want the experience that boasts of style and elegance combined, you must definitely try the single torch lighters. You can craft and define your own taste by making the correct choice of number of flames of these lighters. Ensure that you always check out all the available brands and designs before making your purchase.

Cigar cutters: gaining control

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Cutting your expensive cigars with normal handheld scissors is the worst thing you can do to your cigars and to yourself. Take charge and gain control on the size of the cut as you get ready to smoke the cigar. The magnificent looking tool makes you feel powerful and elegant at the same time, thus adding that slight tinge of pleasure and style in your smoking. Selection of the cutter for the kind of cut you want again depends on your preferences and your mannerisms.

Cigar Case: your personal store

Style does not end at home and hence you need a perfect case for your cigars when you are on the move. Not only do you ensure a complete protection of your cigars from the environment, but you can even make a classy appearance with getting a case designed with the best of leather while your name is etched neatly in bold letters. Well, it does sound royal and that is exactly how these elegant cigar cases would make you feel.

Cigar clips and holders: strengthen your grip

Specially designed cigar clips provide you an ease of getting a good grip on your cigars, where as the holders make sure you don’t have to keep your cigars in the ashtray; both symbolizing courtliness and discernment.

It’s not only your style that gets defined with these accessories, but also your experience gets enhanced multifold. So, make sure you buy the right adjuncts for always smoking in style.

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