Choosing the Perfect Watch for the Perfect Gift Now

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Chronographs are called mechanisms that measure time intervals. Such devices perform three main functions: start, stop, and reset the result. In a wristwatch, these devices are not related to the operation of the main mechanism and do not affect it.

The history of men’s watches with chronograph

It is invented the device is an avid fan of equestrian sports Nicholas Matthew Ryussak. He had very practical goals: when two horses came to the finish line together, it was difficult for the judges to objectively award a victory to only one participant. The prototype of the modern chronograph was a device, at the end of the second hand of which there was an inkwell. When the mechanism stopped, the ink was left on the dial of the mark, which made it possible to measure time intervals with maximum accuracy.

Perfect Watch for the Perfect Gift Now


As already noted, the main task of such devices is accurate measurement of time. In addition, they record time indicators and can even make the necessary calculations. Devices are actively used in various spheres of human activity:

  • In sailing
  • Medicine
  • Military field
  • When piloting aircraft, etc.

Using Citizen Men’s Chronograph Watch, doctors measure the pulse and pressure of patients, and athletes measure movement speed. Thus, it is possible to buy a chronograph watch as a gift to both an avid yachtsman, and a doctor of medical sciences, and a brave pilot.

Types of chronograph watches

Simple models are equipped with only one control button, which works as follows: 1st press start, 2nd time lock, 3rd data reset.

Tips for choosing

Citizen Men’s Chronograph Watch is mostly men’s accessories due to the massiveness of the case, minimalistic decor and pronounced brutality. When choosing such a luxurious gift to a friend or business partner, do not confuse chronographs with other models of watches. It is worth paying attention to the presence of:

  • Control buttons, which are placed at the crown of the watch.
  • Ladies who lead an active lifestyle and value freedom will also appreciate such a stylish accessory.
  • The price of the chronograph depends on the number of options, as well as on the manufacturer.

The advantages of buying chronographs

The sale of chronographs by online store at competitive prices is different:

  • Impressive range of watches of famous Swiss brands;
  • Impeccable service;
  • 2-year warranty on accessories;
  • Convenient methods of payment and delivery in Belarus

Is it possible to give a watch to my husband?

Of course you can! A sincere gift, especially to a loved one, will carry only positive energy. And the watches that you choose for your man with such care and attention will serve as a kind of amulet. Fearing disruption of family harmony or mythical signs, their wives are in vain afraid to give watches to their spouses. Although, they know better what model to give to her husband.