Tips On Choosing Jewellery for Every Occasion

Choosing Jewellery for Every Occasion

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Jewellery offers great opportunities to accessorize and for some women, choosing the right jewellery seems easy, while for others, it can be more than a little challenging. It can be quite stressful when dressing for a formal event, for example, when one should not overdo accessories. With that in mind, we have put together a few tips to help you make the right jewellery choices, regardless of the occasion.


  • Professional Life – Of course, you do want to look your best when in the office, while avoiding chunky or shiny jewellery and stay on the conservative line, with stud earrings and only your engagement or wedding ring and perhaps a thin bracelet. Take note of what other employees are wearing, which might also give you a few ideas. Job interviews, in particular, require modest jewellery, which shows you are woman of intention and are focused on the job and not overdoing your accessories.


  • Casual Wear – This gives you total freedom, when you can add some rich colour to your look with a style such as Art Deco, with rich colours and geometric shapes. Restrict diamonds to your engagement and/or wedding ring, as valuable items are easily lost, and if you need a second opinion, take a selfie and send it to your best friend, asking for her honest thoughts about your look.


  • Evening Entertainment– Parties and evening get-togethers call for some sparkle, which really does depend on your outfit. Gold and diamonds should be in attendance and you are not limited in any way; stacking necklaces and bracelets are fine. This is a time for statement jewellery and if you are preparing for a special occasion, talk to a leading custom jeweller in London, who can design something specific. It is very much a myth that custom jewellery is expensive. You would be surprised if you made an enquiry about a diamond engagement ring using Argyle pink diamonds, which is around the same price as an existing ring of similar properties.


  • Formal Events– Dress code rules in this category and this is the time to bring out your fancy diamond jewellery, but don’t overdo it. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wearing your Argyle pink diamond wedding ring, engagement ring, or even earrings. If you are going to a gala or ball, just keep things conservative. Talk to some of the other guests that you know if you need some accessory assurance. Your partner is also a person to ask advice about jewellery.

Most women have two jewellery boxes; one for special occasions and the other for everyday life and on those occasions when it is not clear-cut, search online for some jewellery inspiration and order a new piece from the online jeweller.

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Sterling silver jewellery is very reasonably priced and you can afford to add to your jewellery collection with a single piece at the end of every month and it won’t be long before you have an extensive collection of top-notch jewellery.