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Jewellery is a gift that is always appreciated by women around the globe. Whether you are buying it as a Valentine’s Day gift, birthday present or a present for your bridesmaids on your special day, there are a few things to consider when choosing what to buy?

Something that may appeal to you may not be the perfect gift for your girlfriend, wife or friend. Often your personal style doesn’t match the next persons, so when buying jewellery for someone else it’s important to know who they are, what their interests are and what the gift symbolises.

Their Personality

It is so important to consider the persons personality that you are buying for. Are they soft spoken and quiet, an extravert that you can hear at every party or an adrenaline junkie? Finding the perfect necklace or piece of jewellery should let their personality shine through. Looking at a necklace and thinking that is so pretty, its pearls and just what they need is not the ideal gift for a younger person who enjoys partying and doing adrenaline sports with friends.

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The gift you give you want to be something they can wear every day if they want to, one of those pieces they never have to take off, something to remember you by when they wear it, but still enjoy wearing it at the same time.


Take their interests into consideration. Do they like lying on the beach? Heading to the mountains to hike the longest trails or head to the mountains to snowboard down as fast as they can in winter? Their interests can help you make the right choice when it comes to choosing a gift for them.

Jewellery is always the ideal gift for anyone if you know their interests, you may not realise it now, but their interests show their personality and this can help you choose that ideal piece. If they are sophisticated and elegant, dress immaculately every time they step out the door, then something delicate and beautiful, but not overpowering is perfect for everyday wear.


Are you giving this jewellery gift to a friend for her birthday or to your wife for your anniversary? Does the gift symbolise your friendship or a lifetime of love together? You need to carefully consider what you want this gift to symbolise to the recipient. It would just be weird for a woman to receive a necklace with a heart on it from her best friend, but it can be a treasured possession from a loved one.

Personalise It

Once you have taken the time to choose a piece of jewellery that matches the recipients personality and interests, then you can decide whether to personalise it. Adding a few words can mean a lot, especially when it’s for an anniversary or special event.

There is also a superb choice of personal necklaces, these have their names as the pendant, perfect for friends giving to friends and loved ones giving to their partners. Beautifully designed jewellery with a little personal message can be a sentimental gift that is cherished for many years to come, so bear this in mind when choosing your ideal gift.

Never grab the first piece of jewellery you see. It doesn’t matter if you intend buying earrings, a ring, necklace or brace late, take your time, choose carefully and ensure that it’s something the other person will wear. Receiving jewellery is exciting, but if it’s something that will never be worn and sits in the drawer collecting dust then it was a useless present. Take your time, choose with care and choose in advance, just in case you decide to personalise it.


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