Choosing a Hairstyle for your Facial Shap – Skin Type and Eye Glass Users

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Need for a Hairstyle

Every individual on this earth whether men or women are crazy of new hairstyles. They do not forget to get themselves updated with the latest fashion hairstyles through fashion shows or browsing the internet. But, many people try to copy hairstyles in a want to be trendy, which does not suit some person. People should understand that most of the hairstyle suits people according to their structure of face and features. Hence, for the best suited fashion hairstyle, consult your beautician or take the help of your friend. Following are some suggestions before selecting a perfect hairstyle:

facial shapes and hairstyles

Facial Shape

The face shapes play an important role to decide your hairstyle, as it enhances your facial feature and overall personality. So, in order to look more elegant, try a fresh hairstyle according to your shape of the face discussed below:
• Square shaped face people should try to keep the face side with short and leaner hair and must keep the top of the hair longer with little style. Try to keep the looks around the ears clean showing the square face.
• If your face is round, try to avoid full or round hairstyles, as it will make your face more rounded. Therefore, try to keep the side leaner with more style on the top front of the hairstyle. In order to lessen the roundness at the level of eye, take the center off. The hairstyles are the same as that of square face.
• For people having long face, choosing a hairstyle in which the hair can make the look of your face little small or round. Layered cuts can help in covering the hairline at the front-side. Bob cut or giving your hair a proper bounce or volume around both sides of the head can help you get a better look to cover your long face. Never, leave your hair straight if you have a long face.
• Oval shape of face is presumed to be perfect shape for any hairstyle, but attention has to be given to other facial features such as eyes, nose and position of ears. So, you are lucky if you have a shape in the form of oval, as any haircut of wish can be done to make you more attractive.

Skin Complexion

After choosing a perfect hairstyle for your face, it’s time now to color your hair, which has to be done keeping the color of your skin in mind.
• Dark complexion individuals can choose hair colors that can easily go with their normal complexion. The colors may be chosen from purple, brown or arctic blue. The combination can also be used, but with proper guidance and care.
• Fair complexion individuals can choose any hair color, as any bold color enhances their personality.

Hairstyles for Eye Glass Users

Individuals using eye glasses should be quite careful while using some of the hairstyles, as the hairstyle can affect their personality with glasses.
• You may look like a professor or librarian if you have long hair and big glasses.
• Pick the correct glass frame as it may make you look younger or older.
• If possible, choose an eye lens in place of eye glasses, as it gives more elegant look and enhance your personality.