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Dress choices would vary from each personality. But each costume doesn’t suit everyone. People have different body shapes and weight imperfections. But it doesn’t mean you are imperfect and you cannot adorn yourself with attractive clothes. To overcome it, make sure to keep the body type in your mind when you are purchasing clothes. It is the key task which helps to choose the appropriate dress according to your figure. Below mentioned tips would be useful to emphasize your body shape.

Bursting hips and thighs

If you are a pear-shaped woman with bursting hips and thighs, your dress should touch the knee. A-line shaped dresses with skirts would be a perfect match to your body type. Try avoiding dressing full or long dresses. Mid short dresses would add attractiveness to you.

Broad waist

For apple shaped women with a fat torso, you should extend the look of your trunk and draw the attention away from your belly area. Choose dresses which make your waistline thin. Keep away from wearing broad belts around your belly area. Instead wear a chain or a thin belt to curve your hips.

Fat arms

Sleeveless and short sleeve blouses don’t match you. It gives a plump look to your hands. Choose bell sleeves or long sleeve tops to hide your fat flabby arms.

Small bust

If you are a woman with a small chest, avoid wearing deep neckline dresses. Select covered neckline dresses and it helps to give a flabby and a broad look to your chest area. Covered neck dresses are the latest trend.

how to dress the triangle body shape or pear

Big bust

Strapped and deep V necked dresses are suitable to highlight your big bust area. Select clothes which give a thin look rather than choosing baggy dresses, which makes your bust look full-size.

Plus size

Avoid wearing baggy costumes to cover your body. Loose-fittings will make you look fat. Choose dresses which don’t hug your body, but curves your body shape nicely. Drape dresses would ideally match plus size women.

Skinny body

Knitted dresses, sweaters and cashmere tops would give a bulk look to thin women. If you have very thin legs, keep away from mini-skirts, choose long and flowing dresses as a substitute. Broad and thick belts would give bulk look to thin women.

Try shift dress

Shift dresses almost suit everyone. It falls straight down from the shoulder. It helps to accentuate your body figure. During summer you can wear cool cotton, linen and soft knit shift dresses.

These tips would definitely help to find the correct dress according to your body type. Try these tips and look nice in every dress you wear.

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