Choose Among The Different Types of Wooden Hangers

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Wooden hanger is a perfect addition to any types of closet. It has intrinsic, sturdy, and functional designs. Wooden hanger keeps your clothes from being wrinkled and cramped. Such type of hanger is made from various wood materials. There are various styles and designs to choose from and your choice is defined by your style and preference. If you are planning to purchase wooden hanger, then you should continue reading this article as it gives relevant information about the different types of wooden hanger that suits your taste and needs.

wooden bamboo hanger

Let us take a look at some of the best wooden hangers available in the market today


This is the cheapest form of wooden hanger. Pine has a stunning wood grain honed even more by different stains. Pine wood is durable, but it somewhat softer. Such type of hanger is not for heavy duty use and you will notice some scrapes after several use. However, a lot of people are still using pine wooden hanger as it is very much affordable and lightweight. Most pine wooden hangers have black, white, and natural color.


This type of wood is way harder than pine and it does not grow old easily. As a matter of fact, walnut wooden hanger still looks new even after many years of usage. If you want a highly durable and long lasting hanger, then this type of hanger is a way to go. Most walnut stains are yellow, reddish, brown, and deep brown. A lot of people prefer to use walnut wooden hanger because it is sturdy and can last for a lifetime. If you want to achieve a sophisticated-looking closet, then walnut wooden hanger is the right choice.


This is the top rated choice for wooden hanger. A lot of people prefer to use cedar hangers as it has stunning red wood grain. One of the distinct characteristics of cedar wood is its ability to absorb moisture. This is the very reason why cedar is not varnished. Aside from that, cedar wood smells good and has a deodorizing property. So it will not only make your closet well-organized, but as well as free from moths, molds, and mildews. However, the natural cedar smell fades after several years of usage. If this happens, then all you have to do is to rub fine sandpaper on the surface of the hanger and it will smell brand new again.

Bamboo hanger

Hanger made from bamboo wood stands out among the rest because of its lightweight and sturdy characteristic. A lot of people prefer to use it because it has a fine wood grain and light color. As a matter of fact, bamboo is considered an environment-friendly hanger available in the market today. One of the typical characteristics of bamboo is its ability to renew itself every five years. Most people are enticed to use bamboo wooden hanger as a contribution to “go green campaign.”

These are just some of the perfect choices for wooden hangers. Your choice should be based on your style, needs, and functionality. All types of wooden hangers are a perfect addition to any closet. When purchasing wooden hanger, you should only deal with legitimate merchant to make sure that the hanger is made from high quality materials. Wooden hanger is somewhat expensive, but it is definitely worth your money. With proper use and care, it can last throughout your lifetime.

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