Check Please: Fashion Takes the Square Route this Season

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You don’t have to have passed that dreaded maths paper to get to grips with the geometry that’s infiltrating the fashion scene this season. It’s all about your bog standard shapes at the moment – straight lines, right angles, parallels and most of all, squares. Geometric fashion is ousting doodles on dresses and rendering the hoodie obsolete. This has all been evident at some of the latest fashion weeks.

latest fashion weeks

Four-Sided Fashion

If you’re moving in the right fashion circles you’ll have noticed squares are the way to go. In fact all the cool geometric shapes are making their mark this year and between fashion shows and advertising campaigns the square is where it’s at. Paris Fashion Week was one of the earliest examples of exactly this and the week opened and closed with the biggest authorities in the fashion industry demonstrating their support for all things geometric.

Cubic Couture

Raf Simons kicked things off with his ready-to-wear show for Dior – a first for the fashion legend. Drawing some geometric inspiration, he housed his show in a large white cube comprised of a number of connecting rooms that somewhat resembled an ethereal maze. The week wrapped up with a Louis Vuitton number at his SS13 show. It was set on a checkerboard stage, designed by French installation mastermind, Daniel Buren. The piercing yellow and white checks provided dazzling/confusing eye-candy especially when the models strutted out, clad in identical colours and pattern as the walls and floor.

Diamonds a Dozen

If you’re a bit strapped for cash after the festive season, the fashion season might allow you to toss out those moth balls and – provided you haven’t let yourself go – slim into your favourite argyle sweater from the early noughties, because diamonds and triangles are also currently on trend.

Boxing Days

So what about accessories? Feel free to go right-angled on them as well. Pants suits added a corporate chic flavour to the Ralph Lauren 2013 Spring Fashion Show, so it makes sense that handbags have gone the boxier briefcase route this year. Getting more specific though, it’s Mark Cross’s Grace Box that I’m talking about – a throwback to the bag handled by Grace Kelly in that classic scene from the 1954 Alfred Hitchock film, Rear Window. However at £1,280 you may expect the box to be signed by the star herself.

Don’t just stop at the geometrics of the bag, though. Exhibit your fashion fundiness by introducing those lines all over your luggage and while you’re at it, your necklaces, bracelets and earrings as well.

Shouldn’t be too long now. Soon we’ll be surrounded by shapes in shop windows all along the High Street. It’s quite simple really. If you’re all squared up this season you can rest secure in the knowledge that you’re on point.

Dave Peterson is a blogger who covers a wide variety of passions. From motoring to fashion he could tell you as much about the car of the year as he could about trending wool coats.