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Any new Mum knows how hard it can be to get out of the house in the morning, and more often than not you’re half way round the supermarket before you notice the baby sick over your shoulder and that in your sleep deprived haze you’ve put your jumper on back to front. There are however some women who seem to look perfect every time they step out of the front door, and celebrity yummy mummies are never photographed looking like they’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards. Of course many celebrities have nannies, cooks and other help around the house, but what tips can we mere mortals take from celebrities to make us more Yummy Mummy and less Slummy Mummy?

Victoria Beckham

Posh Spice is perhaps the ultimate Yummy Mummy and when out and about with her children Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper is always immaculate. Not many of us could aspire to Victoria’s figure, but we can take pointers from her style. She dresses simply and elegantly, and putting on a shift dress, cardi and ballet flats along with the trademark sunglasses can instantly inject some glamour into an everyday outfit, while still remaining practical for getting kids in and out of cars or rushing to the supermarket. The Beckham children are as stylish as their Mum, so if you want your kids to follow in their footsteps look for more unusual brands of clothing such as S&D Le Chic instead of shopping in better known stores.

Myleene Klass

Pop star turned TV presenter Myleene is mother to two young girls, Ava and Hero, and also has a remarkably glamorous image. Myleene’s style is not as glam as Victoria Beckham, and she is equally at home in jeans and sneakers as she is in a posh frock. Myleene’s trademark is her long hair, which she always wears loose. Time is at a premium when you’re a Mum, but finding time to spend on your hair will give you a boost in confidence as much as new clothes will. For your kids, look at Myleene’s own range available from Mothercare to get her style, or mix and match pieces from S&D Le Chic and various other brands to get your own unique style for your children.

victoria beckham style

Holly Willoughby

A recent survey named TV presenter Holly as the Mum that most women aspire to be like. Holly has two children, Harry and Belle, and appears on telly every morning looked well-groomed and beautifully dressed. Of course she has stylists and make-up artists at her disposal to help with her appearance, but still has her own great sense of style. Get Holly’s style by looking for clothes which are fashionable but not overly trendy, and dress up in heels and skirts as often as possible.

Kirstie Alsopp

Kirstie may not be as glamorous as Myleene or Victoria, but she is one of the women who many mothers look up to and wish that they could have her lifestyle. Kirstie is Mum to two boys, Bay and Oscar, and her style is very classic, very British tailoring with lots of shabby chic and homemade touches. Get the knitting needles and crochet hook out if Kirstie is your idea of a yummy mummy.

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