Celebrity Fashion Lines That Work

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As successful artisans of the music and movie magic art, many actors, actresses and musicians have expanded on their success and broadened their horizons to include celebrity fashion lines. However, fame and success in other areas don’t play a role in the success of a celebrity clothing or jewellery line if the designer doesn’t have the talent or skill to pull it off. Many from the celebrity alumni have tried and failed at clothing lines, but some have proved to be quite successful in their new ventures.

celebrity fashion lines

Nicole Ritchie

Better known as Paris Hilton’s partner in ‘The Simple Life,’ or ‘Lionel Ritchie’s daughter,’ Nicole Ritchie has come into her own as a jewellery designer with the ‘House of Harlow 1960.’ Ritchie went from party girl and sidekick to jewellery empress and fashion line designer with her Winter Kate celebrity fashion collection. However, it’s tough competition out there even when you have millions in the bank and could easily retire.

nicole richie fashion line

Rachel Zoe

She started out as a stylist to the stars before she started her hugely successful celebrity fashion line. Considering she is the hottest stylist in Hollywood it comes as no surprise that Zoe’s collection has been a huge success with many celebrities flocking to her shows and buying her custom made clothing.

rachel zoe fashion line

Justin Timberlake

The highly successful muso founded his men’s brand with his best friend, Trace Ayala, back in 2006. Their jeans have proved to be sought-after by men which has racked in the millions for the celebrity fashion line. With his musical, acting and now fashion empire, growing, Timberlake looks set to take the world by storm.

justin timberlake fashion line

Sean Combs

P Diddy has been known to throw elaborate parties, create edgy music while raking in millions for his Sean John clothing line for men. The demand for his celebrity fashion line has skyrocketed and raked in staggering $250 million in 2004. His fine classic lines and simply chic style combined with a contemporary edge is amongst the most popular fashion lines for men.

sean combs fashion line

Jay Z

Well now here’s a businessman who knows how to invest in an opportunity when he sees one. The multi-millionaire designs the popular Rocawear brand which men flock to buy. The Jay Z celebrity fashion line caters for everything a man could want. He’s though of everything from the bling jewellery to the eyewear and big-booted footwear has earned Mr. Beyonce a nice $700 million since it started in 1999.

jay z fashion line

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