Burlesque- 5 Reasons Why it’s Good to be Bad

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The world of the burlesque evokes a myriad of thoughts, feelings and images.

To some it’s merely an exercise in cheap titillation, exploitative, degrading and shameful sensationalism.

To others it is an art form – taking its roots from dramatic, literary and musical sources to create a truly original, entertaining, slightly cheeky and erotic spectacle.

But its theatrical aspects of the extravagant and bawdy have maintained its appeal since its first introduction to the English language in the 17th century and the first Victorian burlesque shows in the 1830s.

In fact, it’s this saucy and slightly risqué nature of that is arguably one of the hooks for people to explore and have fun with their more fun, outrageous and naughty side.

Even if you don’t want to sign up to the various academies, courses or evening classes now dedicated to this alternative and playful dance form, here are five reasons why every woman should indulge in their burlesque side at least once in their lifetime.

The Costumes

Whether it’s Moulin Rouge or the Cancan, burlesque offers us girls the chance to slip on the basques, gloves and garters, throw caution to the wind and manifest our racier side through this unashamedly glamorous garb. And what girl doesn’t like to dress up?

Hair and Make-Up

 If you’re going to go all-out burlesque you may as well do it properly, and that includes tending to the face and the follicles with equal attention. But rather than me running through my tried and tested methods, slip yourself in to the hands of the professionals and let the professionals guide you through it.


The Erotic Aspect

 What better way to spice things up in the bedroom than to put on a really good show for your partner? Frilly knickers, feather boas and kinky boots are guaranteed to set the heart racing. It may take a while to get it all on but a few twirls of your tassels and your partner will be more than keen to take it all off. Why lust after Dita von Teese when the real thing’s standing right in front of them?

Throwback to a More Carefree Time

OK, so burlesque has always been controversial, but it’s the carefree enthusiasm and wild abandon that has burlesque fans (and those just looking for some good, harmless fun) lust after. Be raucous, be bawdy, let your hair down, act like you don’t care and immerse yourself in the spirit and outrageousness of the moment. Halcyon days? Possibly. But in burlesque mode you can have one hell of a day.

Host Your Own Burlesque Party

 Throw your own Cabaret style carnival and host your own burlesque party.

Sure, you can attend similarly themed nights out, corporate events, organise a hen party or provocative pole dancing lessons, but what better way to get in touch with your hidden exhibitionist than to invite your friends round for a burlesque themed night.

Dress up, watch burlesque-inspired movies, and host your own raunchy revue.


Feel Good About Yourself

Ultimately, why do you wear good clothes, comfortable shoes, nice make-up and take care of your appearance? Exactly. To feel good about yourself.

And slipping on some silky stockings in the burlesque style, perhaps even acting out another, less visited side of your personality, is just another way of doing it.

True, you’re limited to the places you can go wearing scant more than a tight corset and a feathery hat, but surely every opportunity to try something different and have fun whilst doing it has to be a good thing.

What do you do to act out your wilder, naughtier side?

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